Galaxy Lux

Fully loaded, easy to ride, perfect for riders 5'10" and under. Galaxy Lux will be the most comfortable ride you'll ever have.

The moment you'll start pedaling on the Galaxy Lux, you'll feel why this will be the best electric bike you've ever owned.

Smooth, quiet and so easy to use - Galaxy Lux is built on a compact platform ideal for beginner and seasoned riders from 4'10" to 5'10".

With an easy to get on and off step-through frame, 24" wheels for extra stability, handlebars designed for an upright sitting position, as well a fully automatic shifting system - Enviolo Automatiq, high-power mid-drive motor system and maintenance-free Gates Carbon Belt Drive - this is the bike that's easy to ride and stress-free to own.


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Why People Love the Galaxy Lux

Designed specifically for riders ranging from 4'10" to 5'10", riding it is easy and effortless.

No gear shifting needed, no maintenance required, no worrying about hills. Pure joy.

Easy to get on/off, comfortable seat and a throttle-on-demand means more time out and about.

Up To 55






Fully Loaded & Ready to Enjoy

The Galaxy Lux includes all of the lastest eBike technology wrapped up in a compact, easy to ride, and lightweight package.

EVELO offers easy assembly options, top rated customer support, and the strongest warranty in the industry.

Fully Automatic Shifting

The Galaxy Lux features fully Automatic shifting, which means you can spend more time enjoying your ride and not worrying about selecting the right gear or setting.

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Enviolo Automatiq offers the easiest bicycle shifting experience possible, requiring no user input while riding. Set it and forget it, and experience the freedom of stepless shifting - which means you aren’t confined to a fixed number of gears, and you’ll always be riding in the cadence you wish.

If you’re new to biking or haven’t ridden in a long time, the Enviolo® drivetrain is the perfect tool to eliminate the learning curve of shifting gears correctly.

Looking to fine tune your ride and personalize your riding experience? Take advantage of the Enviolo App to adjust the settings before or during your ride.

You will need your Smartphone (iOS or Android) for initial setup and firmware updates. The Enviolo App is not needed for daily riding unless you wish to make cadence setting adjustments while you ride, or between rides.

Ultra Low Step Through Frame

With a low step-through height you never need to swing your leg over to start your ride or get your feet on the ground. Getting on and off the bike is easy.

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We keep the battery on the rear rack to make access as easy as possible. The Galaxy Lux features the lowest step through height of any EVELO model.

Upgraded 48V 11.6AH Battery

The Galaxy Lux includes an upgraded 48V 11.6AH rear rack battery, offering increased top speed and more torque, while still maintaining our easy to access step through frame design.

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Rear rack batteries offer some advantages for many riders. Placing the battery in a rear rack over the rear wheel allows our engineers to design the lowest step through frame possible, making it as easy as possible to get on and off of certain models.

This battery configuration is also the go to for battery add-ons, allowing for use of both the in frame battery, and the rear rack battery, effectively doubling the range on applicable models.

Mid Drive Motor & Gates Belt Drive

As a rider, you have full control over motor assistance while you ride, for as much or as little additional power as you need, when you need it.

The Gates CDX Belt Drive is smooth, clean, and requires no maintenance.

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Torque Sensing motors offer the most natural riding experience possible. The motor senses rider input while pedaling, and calculates the perfect amount of assistance to help you along: whether you’re conquering a steep hill, or riding comfortably on flat ground.

A belt drive means no more risk of a greasy mess on your pant leg from a chain. The belt and gears require no lubrication whatsoever, and no maintenance - which means you can just focus on your ride. The belt drive system weighs in at about half the weight of a traditional chain. With the Gates Carbon Drive™, you will enjoy a quiet and ultra-smooth riding experience everywhere you go.

Handlebar Throttle, Fenders, & Lights

The Galaxy Lux comes with a throttle on the handlebar, giving you power-on-demand anytime you need it. We also include full length fenders and integrated lighting right out of the box.

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Our thumb throttle makes it easy to just push your finger to give you the extra power you need to motor up the hill, or accelerate from a stop.

It's gives you peace of mind that you can use the throttle to get home if you're ever too tired.

The Galaxy Lux also comes with full fenders making them perfect for blocking the mud, water, and grime that you encounter while out riding.

The best part is the fenders are already installed. You don't need to buy them separately or even have to install them yourself.

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"Easy access and a sturdy build for both men and women..."

"The Galaxy Lux is one of the most advanced and practical ebikes on the market today..."



Easy Assembly

The Galaxy Lux arrives almost fully assembled (95%), so you can be riding in no time. We offer instructional videos, instructions, along with an option for professional local assembly if turning a screwdriver isn't for you.

DIY Assembly

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A wider saddle, suspension seatpost, and front suspension stem are the most popular upgrades with EVELO riders.

This package offers the smoothest ride possible, adding even more cushion to the seat, an additional light bar for safety, and both front and rear suspension for cloud-like pedaling. Save over 20% when bundled with a new order.

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If you're looking for an even better deal and are comfortable with a bike that has a few miles on it, take a look at our Open Box Bike inventory.


Galaxy Lux Specifications

Components & Weight


Dapu 500W Continuous, 740W Peak, 100Nm torque. Patented Brushless Design, Torque and Speed Sensor Control..


48V 11.6Ah Battery with Advanced Battery Management Software


48V Smart Charger

Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

20 Miles per Hour (Can be Increased to 25 mph Maximum in Off-road Mode)


Up to 55 Miles on Pedal-Assist or 25 Miles on Electric-Only

Electric Assist

Multiple Levels, Plus Electric-Only (via Throttle)


6061 High-Strength Aluminum Alloy


EVELO Rigid 4130 Chromoly Fork


36H 45mm wide Double Wall Alloy Rims with 13g Spokes


CST Cyclops 24″ x 2.4"


Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm Front 160mm Rear Rotors and Cutoff Switch


Selle Royal Comfort Springer Saddle


EVELO Stargazer, 110mm


Enviolo® Continuously Variable Transmission


Enviolo Automatiq Controller


Wellgo LU-C33


Fully Integrated Spanninga Kendo Front, Lineo Rear


EVELO C800 IPS Multi-Color 3.7″ Display


Composite all weather front and rear fenders

Rear Rack

Alloy Rear Rack w/ Battery Integration

Bicycle Weight (without battery)

45.4 lbs

Battery Weight

7 lbs

Maximum Rider Weight

Recommended for riders up to 350 lbs. Larger riders can be accommodated – contact us for details.



Distance from the top of the saddle to the pedal, with the pedal in the most downward position.

Standover height is the distance from the ground to the middle of the top tube with the traditional diamond frame, and from the ground to the mid-length of the middle of the tube with the step-through frame design.

We define reach as a distance from the middle of the saddle to the handlebar grips. The reach measures how far you need to lean to "reach" the handlebar.

Distance from the top of the saddle to the pedal, with the pedal in the most downward position.

Standover height is the distance from the ground to the middle of the top tube with the traditional diamond frame, and from the ground to the mid-length of the middle of the tube with the step-through frame design.

We define reach as a distance from the middle of the saddle to the handlebar grips. The reach measures how far you need to lean to "reach" the handlebar.

Total Length & Wheelbase

68" / 39"

Rider Position


An upright riding position puts the rider in a nearly vertical seating position for the most comfortable ride possible. You will experience little weight on hands and wrists, with the handlebars within easy reach. No stress or strain on the lower back, hands, or wrists.

Common Questions & Videos


Whats the difference between the Galaxy Lux and the Galaxy 500?

The Galaxy Lux has a larger higher voltage battery for more power, range, and top speed. The Galaxy 500 has a 36 Volt battery system while the Galaxy Lux has a 48 Volt system.

Whats the difference between the Galaxy Lux and the Galaxy SL?

The Galaxy Lux is for the rider who wants all of the latest technology, as well as automatic shifting. The Galaxy SL is a "stripped down" version of the Galaxy, and does not include a Gates Belt Drive, Enviolo Automatiq shifting, or the larger battery. The Lux has the best components of the Galaxy lineup.

Will I fit properly on the Galaxy Lux?

The Galaxy Lux is a good fit for a wide range of rider height, from 4'10 to 5'10. It's smaller wheels, larger tires, and upright seating position are good for anyone looking for an "easy to handle" electric bicycle.

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Questions about the Galaxy?

Schedule a Free Consultation with an EVELO eBike expert. We're happy to offer 1 on 1 service to answer any of your questions about the EVELO Galaxy, or any other eBike related topics.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mark Kiefer
Just right

I was vascillating between the Omega and the Galaxy Lux and wound up with the Lux. As the review states, it is just right. Plenty of power for the hills but not overpowering. Just the right size for me at 5'7" and easy to manuever. The automatic transmission and the optional cadence shifter makes it a breeze to just right and enjoy the experience. The purchasing experience was great as well. I bought it and then as when the price went down, they compensated me for this. Where else can you find this?. Wonderful experience and when my wife is ready to get her own, will definitely come back to Evelo.

Yajima Sanzo
Nice Bike

I have 400 miles on bike so far and enjoy shifter

Highly Recommended

I purchased an Aurora Premium a number of years ago and decided to purchase the Galaxy Lux for my wife and we're glad we did. It's easy to use and easy for her to operate. The Automatic shifting is great!


I ordered a bike from them, it came in about 10 days. The bike seems very well built but it was to hard for my wife to get on it so it had to be sent back. Here's where the company really shines, they answered my emails very quickly got me all the info needed to send it back without any hassles. You don't get this type of service much anymore.

Thomas Redden
WOW - We Love them - Galaxy for wife and Aurora for Me.

After looking at many eBikes at many different dealers, we finally found a link to Evelo. We spoke with a Mr Eric Webster who explain all the details and what we should expect. Eric was "right on" with his guidance and instructions. He educated far far further than any of all the other dealers we visited. While these eBikes cost a little more than those we considered at the dealers, WOW, they are so much more than one finds at your local dealers. With the belt drive (vs chain) and the continiously variable automatic transmission, it is smooth, quiet and a pleasure to ride as the pedal rotation remain comfortable at a near constant 60 pedal rounds each minute.

Upon arrival, the Galaxy was shipped with a bent front fork. I called and within 2 days, a new one arrived with instruction on installation. Man, when in stock, the Evelo team moves quickly to solve problems.

If you have any questions, ask for Eric. He's a great explainer and technician quide.

Finally, I was hesitant to buy online. However, with Evelo, there is no worry. During the wait, they constantly kept us informed as to the status.

You'll be glad if you select Evelo as your eBike company.