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EVELO is partnered with the industries top 3rd party independent reviewers to provide clear, accurate, and unbiased reviews for all our different models. Pair this with top rated customer reviews on both product and customer support and you have an unbeatable combination.

We work directly with the most popular eBike review sites in the industry, Including Court, the Founder of Electric Bike Review, Mikey from, the team at Electric Bike Report, and Brent, the owner of Electrified Reviews.

We ship production level bicycles directly from our fulfillment center straight to reviewers, so they receive them exactly the same way you will. We believe transparency is especially important when making an eBike purchase online.

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With over 10 years behind us, our dedication to customer support, quality products, and our customer base is unrivaled. Take a look at our Better Business Bureau page. is another way to look through our review history, sort by specific products, and leave a review yourself once you're an EVELO customer.