Kinekt 50 Degree Comfort+ Suspension Stem

The Kinekt Comfort Suspension Stem is a great alternative to traditional suspension forks, as it is much lighter and requires no long term maintenance. This upgrade offers 20mm of front suspension travel while maintaining an upright and comfortable riding position. 

Now cyclists of all types can enjoy our patented Active Suspension System with a higher rise that lifts your torso, neck and shoulders to a more comfortable riding position. Thereby reducing stress, neck strain, numbness and other discomfort. Also improving control and visibility.

The Kinekt Suspension Stem pairs well with the Cane Creek Thudbuster Suspension seatpost if you're looking to upgrade to "full suspension" on any EVELO Electric Bicycle.


  • Most relaxed, upright position offered
  • Full 20mm of anti-vibration
  • Ideal for E-Bikes
  • Significantly reduces high-frequency vibration felt through the handlebars due to uneven terrain. 
  • Your Kinekt Stem comes with 3 different springs to adjust to your riding style and terrain. Easy to change! Comes with Soft, Medium (Installed) and Firm.
  • Balanced so extra weight is not noticed. 
  • Control and steering are not compromised. 
  • Significantly lighter than a suspension fork.
  • For 1 1/8" forks and 31.8" stem clamps
  • Our new Stem is Vertically Compliant for more comfort and safety. The movement is up and down and does not change your riding position under hard braking. Your Kinekt Stem gives you confidence under any riding conditions.

Works with all EVELO bicycles. Unfortunately, this product does not work with the Compass without also changing the fork. The Atlas requires an extension for the display cable.

Adds 4mm of height over most of our bikes and about 2.5" more for the Atlas.
  • Regular price$199