A great choice for riders searching for the safety and stability of a tricycle

Get back out on the road, or stay out on the road with the most popular Mid Drive electric tricycle on the market. The Compass is the hottest selling tricycle here in the US, and is the perfect solution for anyone looking for mobility, safety, and stability. True to the EVELO brand, the Compass includes a powerful 500 Watt Mid Drive motor system, easy on and off step-through frame, and the highest quality Li-ion batteries available for long range.

The Compass features both Pedal Assistance and a Throttle, so you can pedal as much as you want, or press the thumb throttle and let the motor do 100% of the work for you. It also features a rear differential and is two wheel drive for significantly improved traction over other tricycles on the market. This is the safest, most comfortable, and most feature full tricycle available.


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Compass Tricycle Features

Stable frame that's easy to get on and off

Stability is important on a tricycle, so a sturdy frame is the first building block for the best trike possible. EVELO engineers have designed the Compass to offer the lowest point of entry possible, making it easy to get on and off the bike for both men and women. Our step-through frame has additional reinforcements for the strongest and safest construction possible. Take your time, get comfortable on the saddle, and begin your journey.

Safer turning with true two wheel drive

Traction is important on tricycles, since the weight of the rider is distributed between three wheels, there is less weight on each wheel. Front wheel drive trikes tend to peel out in loose terrain or wet roads, as do one wheel rear drive tricycles. The Compass has true two wheel drive, with the power from the mid drive motor going equally to both rear wheels. This means more traction, safer turning, and a more stable ride overall.

Quick charge times and up to a 40 mile range

Go the extra mile with EVELO’s top-tier Li-ion cell technology. Our large semi-integrated frame battery offers extended range, and is easily removed for charging on or off your bicycle. With short charge times and up to 40 miles of range for your average rider, you can ride and explore more, and spend less time worrying about when to head back home. The Compass is also Dual Battery ready, so you can easily double your range to 80+ miles per charge with an additional battery, and run them both simultaneously for a seamless journey.




Free for the Compass Tricycle

Arrives Nearly Fully Assembled

We ship Compass models LTL Freight directly to your door with all three wheels attached, so only minor assembly is required. Once your Compass arrives, you will need to install the pedals, and attach the handlebar - thats it.

Unpacking the Compass requires no prior or specialized mechanical knowledge. Our new packaging is designed to make receiving and unpacking your Compass as easy as possible, and will get you riding as soon as possible, with no need to transport your Compass home from the bicycle shop.


Bringing back the fun & freedom of riding bikes for the last 10-years.

Bringing back the fun & freedom of riding bikes for the last 10-years.

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Product Specifications

Sizing & Dimensions


Recommended Rider Heights

4'10" - 6'2"

Seat Height (Minimum / Maximum)

30" / 38"

Seat to Pedal (Lowest / Highest)

25" / 33"

Standover Height


Reach (Saddle to Handlebar)


Handlebar Height


Total Length (Tire to Tire)


Wheelbase (Center to Center)


Bike Specifications


500W Bafang Custom Mid-Drive Brushless Motor, 48V


Panasonic Lithium-Ion 48V 10.5Ah with Advanced Battery Management Software


48V Smart Charger

Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

20 Miles Per Hour, User Adjustable


Up to 40 Miles on Pedal-Assist, 80 Miles with Battery Add-On

Electric Assist

Multiple Levels, Plus Electric-Only (via Throttle)


6061 High-Strength Aluminum Alloy


Custom 6061 Alloy with Steel Steerer Tube, Designed for Fenders


36H 45mm wide Double Wall Alloy Rims with 13g Spokes


Innova 24" x 2.4″


Tektro MD-M300 Disc Brakes
180mm rotor front and rear,
Integrated safety cutoff switch & cutoff.


Extra Wide Velo Breeze with Memory Foam

Stem / Handlebar

EVELO Alloy Stem, 5” Rise Steel Handlebar


Shimano 3-Speed IGH Transmission


Shimano Grip Shifter, 3 Speeds


Wellgo Comfort


Front and Rear Battery Integrated Lighting


Multi-Color 3.2” IPS Display with USB Charger (DPC-18)


All Weather Front and Rear Fenders

Rear Rack

Wood Lined Cargo Basket Included

Bicycle Weight (without battery)

71 lbs.

Battery Weight

6 lbs.

Maximum Rider Weight

Recommended for riders up to 350 lbs. Larger riders can be accommodated – contact us for details.

Rider Position


An upright riding position puts the rider in a nearly vertical seating position for the most comfortable ride possible. You will experience little weight on hands and wrists, with the handlebars within easy reach. No stress or strain on the lower back, hands, or wrists.

What The Experts Say

"Operating the bike is a cinch..."

- Electric Bike Review

Compass Tricycle

"...the best electric adult tricycle" - Electric Bike Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Tina T.
Compass Trike = No Regrets

The best electric bike to own is the one you will actually USE. And I use my Evelo Compass all the time! It brings a smile to my face every time.
After a great deal of research, I purchased the EVELO trike, and I couldn't be more happy with my decision. I had a major allergic reaction to a medication several years ago that compromised nearly all of my tendons, causing me to tire easily after prolonged movement, and I wanted something that would permit me to move about with relative ease, while providing stability and ample power. Feeling safe from falling was very important to me, and my EVELO tricycle not only provided me with the ability to be mobile, but also gave me confidence that I would not fall when the tendons on my feet needed to rest. The pedal assist feature is extremely helpful, and when all else fails, I know that the throttle will take me up hills with relative ease--I just sit back and smile while my electric trike does all the work for me!😁
In addition to providing me with much needed balance and power, my trike (who I have named Evie) is beautifully constructed. She looks elegant, and I cannot tell you how many times complete strangers have stopped me while I am out and about just to compliment my ride and ask me about my riding experience. This bike makes me feel safe, is beautiful and functional, and is very comfortable to ride. I love the look and components used in its construction, and I absolutely love the back basket that comes with it--I can haul just about anything I want in it--my small dog incuded!
Last but not least, I feel it would be wrong of me not to include the TREMENDOUS customer service/support I received in my evaluation. From point of sale to delivery, the level of service I received from David, Alex, Maurice, and Justin and countless others, was second to none. They answered all of my questions (often same day) and, because they have a headquarter in the Seattle area, took the time to build and deliver my trike to me. The "white glove" service of building my trike was an option I definitely would recommend any trike customer (who may be directions/technically challenged!) consider. My husband and I had planned to pick it up from a local bike shop, but due to Covid 19 shipping complications, EVELO went out of there way to put my trike together (a service offered to trike owners, because it may be a bit more complicated to do) and then personally delivered it to me. A HUGE thank you to Justin for being so kind and generous in not only doing this for me, but in also spending about 45 minutes to answer my questions once my trike was delivered. Now that's customer service!!
It took me a great deal of time to decide to pull the trigger and purchase my trike from EVELO. I had locally test ridden a competitor's electric trike (Pedago), but found the riding experience (for me) to be a bit wobbley, so on a leap of faith (because Evelo bikes can only be purchased online), I purchased my trike after having read reviews from previous owners, independent bike reviews, and watching YouTube videos on their functionality and form. I highly recommend typing "Evelo tricycle" on YouTube and watching the reviews. It really helped me get a sense of what my trike can do. But knowing that if I was unhappy for any reason that I could return it with a refund on my purchase order, only sealed the deal. That let me know Evelo stands by its product, and it has faith that its customers will, too.
I would not hesitate to buy another Evelo electric bike in the future, and if you are looking for a well-made electric adult tricycle, I hope you consider giving this small company your business. This company sells an exceptional product, and is run by exceptionally good people.

Kathy Johnson
Love it!

Rides nice, looks great, and a fine way to get exercise! I am so happy with my purchase, and the Evelo team is wonderful!

Chuck Woodings
Worth the Extra Money

When I was considering a Tricycle several people advised me to get a trike for much less money, but after reviewing the specs on the Compass I felt that the larger motor and the midshift drive made the Compass a better trike and well worth the money. I get many compliments on how nice it looks and I would add it rides so well also. Evelo's service program is right on top of any problems you might have. This is a bke and a company I would recommend to anyone.
Chuck Woodings

Lewis Brander
Compass review

I would just like to say that I'm well satisfied with my Compass purchase. Assembly went well, but noticed the rear chain was too tight, so I readjusted it. I found that I was missing a screw for the display mount, notified the Evelo team and they sent me a replacement screw, not problem. The Compass trike works better than I expected, the PAS, the Throttle, Gear shit and differential are working just fine. I will say that you want to watch it when cornering, it's not like riding a regular bike. As said, well satisfied with the Compass trike and more satisfied with the Evelo team. They have answered any and all my questions in a timely matter and have encouraged me to contact them at any time, if there are any problems or further questions. I can't say just what the battery range might be. I've charged it for 12 hrs as per instructions, rode the trike a bit, battery reading down to 60% and recharged her back to 93%. Rode the trike a bit more and now battery is at 83%. I only have 22.5 miles on it sot far. So far the Compass has been fun to ride, it gets me out of the house, I get some exercise and enables me to go run some errands. With my old eyes, I can't drive a care anymore, so the Compass gives me back some of my independence. For now everyone take care.

Allen Peterson
Compass Trike

Fantastic I am disabled and use the trike for hunting and shooting sporting clays. Its easy to keep up with my bird dogs. and loads easily on my hitch carrier


Is the Compass Tricycle a good choice for me?

If you’re looking for the best electric assist tricycle on the market, look no further. The Compass has the most powerful motor, extended range battery, a step-through frame, comfortable upright riding position, two wheel drive, a 3 speed transmission, and a large basket. It’s got it all.

Does the Compass have enough power for my terrain?

Yes. While you may notice this model is rated at 500W vs. the 750W rating of other models, keep in mind that this specific model is geared very low, so in first gear the Compass can tackle the steepest hill with the largest riders and heaviest payloads. It’s designed with torque and power in mind, and not for top speed.

Will I fit properly on the Compass?

The Compass trike can be adjusted to fit a very large range of riders thanks to its unique frame and seatpost design. Take a closer look at our sizing chart and specifications on the product page. A great way to compare this to your existing bike is to measure your current saddle height straight down to the ground - this gives you a real number to compare to the specs on our website. If this measurement is over 30” - you will fit comfortably on the Compass tricycle.

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