Company Timeline


Boris & Yevgeniy Mordkovich begin working on the initial concept for EVELO, exploring the direct-to-consumer business model and original product designs.


EVELO officially launches with the inaugural 3-model product line up. Many of the bikes are still on the road today, being enjoyed by EVELO customers.

First customer purchased an EVELO on March 6, 2012.

EVELO’s co-founder, Boris Mordkovich, organizes and leads a Trans-American Electric Bike Tour - a 4,000 mile journey from New York to San Francisco to test out our new models.


Launches a new 30-Day Electric Bike Challenge, encouraging commuters to trade in (temporarily) their car keys for an electric bike.


EVELO introduces the Omni Wheel, a revolutionary new product that allows to convert any bike into electric within 10 minutes. The product was eventually discontinued due to softer-than-anticipated demand.


EVELO raises its first round of investment to fund its growth and expansion.

Opens its first office in Kent, WA


EVELO raises its second round of investment for new product development.

Moves its office to a larger space in Seattle, WA


Introduction of a completely new product line introducing many of the new features, such as Gates Carbon Drive, Enviolo Fully Automatic Transmission, new Mid-Drive motors and more.


Unprecedented growth due to the worldwide demand for electric bikes (and bikes, in general) due to the pandemic.