Enviolo Automatiq CVT

- Fully Automatic Shifting
- User Friendly & Easy to Operate
- Ultra Reliable, No Clicks or Skips
- Bluetooth App for iOS and Android
- Optional Handlebar Controller

Enviolo Automatiq CVT

- Manual and Automatic Shifting
- Seamless - No Clicks or Skips
- Ultra Reliable
- Integrated Bluetooth App
- Easy to Operate

Bicycle Gears Reimagined

Enviolo Automatiq allows you to focus on your surroundings and enjoy your ride without worrying about shifting gears. It offers Fully Automatic shifting based on your riding terrain, pedal cadence, and bicycle speed.

The Enviolo CVT is a true Continuously Variable Transmission. This means there are no “steps” or indexing between gears like a regular bike. No clicking, no skipping.

Simplicity - the ultimate sophistication.

Take Control with the App

If you’re new to biking or haven’t ridden in a long time, the Enviolo® drivetrain eliminates the learning curve of shifting gears correctly.

Simply power the bike on, get comfortable in the saddle, and go for a ride. There are no buttons to press, and no gears to figure out.

Automatiq equipped bikes are pre-programmed with a shift profile suitable for most riders and conditions. The app will register your bike with EVELO for advanced diagnostics, quick and easily calibration of the system, and allow you to fine tune your ride.

How does it work?

Enviolo Automatiq combines the benefits of an internally geared CVT located in the rear wheel, with an electronic interface that handles gear selection and shifting - just like an Automatic transmission in your car. This means you're always in the right gear for every hill climb, every time.

Utilize the Enviolo phone App for initial setup, then set it and forget it. For riders who want simplicity, simply get on the bike and ride - the Enviolo Automatiq system will do the rest.

Tech minded riders can continue to explore the App to adjust pedal Cadence, and a variety of other settings.

Optional Handlebar Controller

If you’re new to biking or haven’t ridden in a long time, the Enviolo® drivetrain eliminates the learning curve of shifting gears correctly.

The optional handlebar mounted controller can be used in conjunction to the phone app. The up and down arrows allow you to adjust your cadence settings while riding.


How does the bike shift Automatically?

The Enviolo Automatiq gear system has advanced sensors that monitor the speed of the pedals (how fast your feet are moving), the speed of the bicycle wheels, and processes this information through its onboard computer to predict terrain changes to make sure that it shifts gears at the perfect time - just like a car.

Do I need to use my phone while riding?

You do not need to use your phone while riding. The Enviolo App is required for initial bicycle setup, software updates, and ongoing settings adjustments. Once the bicycle is updated and set properly, there is no need to use the app again. You can just get on and ride, Enviolo Automatiq will do the rest! If you wish to ride with your phone mounted to the handlebar, you can adjust settings on the fly as you ride, but this is not required.

Do I need the optional handlebar controller?

Most riders enjoy the ease of use of the Automatiq system using just the cellphone App, so the handlebar controller is not required. If you're comfortable with technology, and are looking to adjust settings while riding, without using the cellphone app, the handlebar controller may be a good option. Touch base with your EVELO representative to discuss the options that are best for you.

What happens if I need help?