Premium Components

Premium Components


Enviolo CVT Drivetrain

The Enviolo continuously variable transmission (CVT) is a revolutionary bike technology that completely eliminates the need to deal with complicated gearing systems and unsightly derailleurs. The entire system is enclosed in the rear wheel and requires absolutely no maintenance or lubrication, and is the perfect solution for EVELO Mid Drive Electric Bicycles. Shifting is smooth, seamless, and fully automatic for many models.

Automatic Gear Shifting

Enviolo offers the first fully automatic, continuously variable transmission. The "Enviolo Automatiq" ups the ante, providing an experience much like driving a car. Just set the desired cadence (speed you wish to pedal), and the system lets you always pedal at the same pace, whether you’re going up or down a hill, and makes all gearing adjustments for you.

Gates Carbon Belt

The Gates Carbon Drive is cutting-edge technology that replaces the traditional bike chain with a carbon-reinforced belt drive. It's light weight, and virtually maintenance free. You'll spend less time fixing broken chains and more time out riding.

EVELO Mid Drive Motors

EVELO eBikes use top of the line motors in all of our products. These motors come from a few different manufacturers, all of which have a long track record of world class mechanical and electronic components.

Long Range Batteries 

With eBike batteries being one of the most expensive parts of any eBike, it’s important to consider a variety of different factors when looking at electric bicycles. We offer a long range dual battery system on select models.