Power, range and performance - Atlas will help you conquer any road and trail with comfort and style.

Atlas brings you the perfect balance of performance, comfort and style -- offering a smooth ride, long range and virtually no maintenance.

Thoughtfully designed and masterfully built, there's a reason why the Atlas is the Guiness World Record holder for completing an 8,000+ mile trans-continental expedition with perfect performance.

Built with top of the line components, includingh high-power mid-drive motor system, maintenance-free Gates Carbon Belt Drive, front suspension and integrated long-range battery, you'll find yourself looking forward to each and every ride.

Get 60-miles real-world range with the high-end battery that comes with the Atlas or boost it to 100-miles with the optional Super Range Bundle for longer adventures.


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Why People Love The Atlas

Timeless, Stylish Design

With the integrated battery and sleek lines, the Atlas delivers on both form and function with everything you need and nothing you don't.

Exceptional Performance

Hills don't have a chance. Unparalleled riding that only a mid-drive motor can offer you, with an optional throttle-on-demand to give you even more control.

Hi-Tech Components

Maintenance-Free Gates Carbon Belt Drive? Enviolo Continuously Variable Transmission? Hydraulic brakes? Yes. And that's just the start.

Up To 100






The Atlas Rocks

The EVELO Atlas was the choice of ebike enthusiast and adventure cyclists Robert Fletcher on his journey from North Pole Alaska all the way to Panama City, Panama.

This is just one example of how the Atlas can take you wherever it is you want to go. It also includes easy assembly options, the strongest warranty in the industry, and the best customer support anywhere.

A World Record Holder

EVELO is proud to have teamed up with Airbnb and a number of other sponsors to support Robert Fletcher and Wayne Grover on their 8,400 mile journey from North Pole Alaska to Panama City, Panama; both cyclists riding the EVELO Atlas.

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Robert Fletcher is an adventure cyclist who turned 80 in August of 2022. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta Canada, he spent time working as an educator before retiring over 20 years ago.

Robert and Wayne are riding bone stock EVELO Atlas models with the additional secondary battery, and averaged over 100 Miles per day.

Robert and Wayne successfully completed their journey and Robert holds the Guinness World Record for the longest journey made by a motorized bicycle.

Upgrade to 100 Mile Range

The Atlas is dual battery ready with our add-on integrated rear rack system, allowing for two batteries to be installed simultaneously and unparalleled mileage and ride time.

Save $400 on a second battery when purchased with your Atlas.

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The primary battery is integrated into the downtube of the bicycle frame for a seamless look. This in frame battery design offers the best capacity-to-weight ratio possible, offering long range with the lowest weight possible.   Because of it’s integrated design, It’s tough to tell that the Atlas is even an eBike.   Combined with the black satin color, it’s a stealthy look.

You can charge the battery while it’s installed in the bike, or quickly remove the battery to charge it off of the bike if needed.

Combined, the batteries offer up to a 100 miles of real world riding. When utilizing both batteries, the system will automatically switch from the main integrated frame battery to the secondary battery seamlessly, ensuring your ride is uninterrupted.

Enviolo CVT & Gates CDX

The Atlas features the Enviolo CVT Hub and a manual shifter for tight and direct shifting, as well as a Gates CDX belt drive for even more drivetrain reliability.


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The continuously and stepless variable planetary transmission enables cyclists to effortlessly change from one gear ratio to the next. Shifting while pedaling under high capacity has never been easier with.

The belt drive system weighs in at about half the weight of a traditional chain. With the Gates Carbon Drive™, you will enjoy a quiet and ultra-smooth riding experience everywhere you go.

Belt Drives are the perfect component to pair with Mid Drive motors and Internally Geared Hubs, such as the Enviolo CVT, since there are no external gears to deal with.

This all translates to the smoothest, cleanest, and longest lasting bicycle drivetrain possible.

Bafang M600 + Throttle

EVELO has teamed up with the engineers at Bafang (the worlds largest eBike motor Manufacturer) to release a custom tuned version of their M600 motor system, providing a whopping 1200 Watts Peak Power. Click here to add a throttle to your Atlas.

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This is EVELO's first Class 3 eBike release with the top speed set at 28mph right out of the box. As an added bonus, the Atlas is Throttle Ready, which means you can easily add and connect a handlebar mounted throttle if desired.

Fenders, Lights, & Touring Handlebars

The Atlas combines the performance and sporty handling of a mountain bike, with conveinence features you would find on a touring bike, like full length front and rear fenders, backswept handlebars, and integrated lighting.

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Enjoy riding wherever your trip takes you, both on and off road, through any weather conditions, and even the steepest of terrain. The Atlas has been designed for the long haul, combining simplicity, power, and comfort, all in one package.

Looking for Reviews?

"With a torque rating of 120 newton meters, this is one of the most powerful ebikes around...."

"I was impressed by how well it climbed the dirt hill during my demo, and feel that it would inspire confidence for people who live in hilly areas or who weigh more, or plan to carry heavy loads..."

- Electric Bike Review

Easy Assembly

The Atlas arrives almost fully assembled (95%), so you can be riding in no time. We offer instructional videos, instructions, along with an option for professional local assembly if turning a screwdriver isn't for you.

DIY Assembly

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Save on our Comfort Package

A wider saddle, suspension seatpost, and ergonomic grips are popular upgrades with EVELO riders.

This package offers the smoothest ride possible, adding even more cushion to the seat, an additional light bar for safety, and wider ergonomic grips to prevent any numbness or pain while riding. Save over 20% when bundled with a new order.

Open Box Bikes

If you're looking for an even better deal and are comfortable with a bike that has a few miles on it, take a look at our Open Box Bike inventory.

Atlas Specifications

Components & Weight



Bafang M600 120Nm Torque 600W, 1,200W Peak. Cadence & Torque Sensors

Enviolo Trekking, twist shift (mechanical shifter) Gates CDX belt drive



48V 15AH Samsung In Frame Battery - Optional 14.5AH Rear Rack Battery Add-On


48V 3A Charger

Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

Up to 28 MPH


Up to 60 Miles or 100 Miles with optional second battery

Electric Assist

5 levels of Pedal Assistance Standard / Optional Throttle



Hydroformed Aluminum 6061 T6

Zoom 868 Boost Air suspension Fork


27.5 DM40 double wall 40mm wide, tubeless compatible


Schwalbe Moto X 27.5 x 2.8"


Zoom Hydraulic HB875E , 180mm front 160mm rear


Selle Royal Freccia with Royal Gel



Forged Alloy 4 bolt stem

Gates CDX Drive with Enviolo Trekking CVT


Enviolo Mechanical Twist Shifter




Fully integrated UGOE Headlight (Alloy Casing,Cree LED, 400 Lumens, Side Cutouts), Integrated UGOE tail light


Bafang APT 860C full color IPS Display


Composite all weather front and rear fenders

Rear Rack

Optional, with second battery pack. Braze-ons for non-battery option

Bicycle Weight (without battery)

58 lbs

Primary Battery Weight

Secondary Battery Weight

8.2 lbs

9.6 lbs w/ Rack

Maximum Rider Weight


Recommended for riders up to 350 lbs. Larger riders can be accommodated – contact us for details.

EVELO Water Bottle & Bottle Holder Included.

Sizing & Dimensions


Recommended Rider Heights

5'6" - 6'3"

Seat Height (Minimum / Maximum)

32.5" / 40.5"

Seat to Pedal (Lowest / Highest)

25" / 35"

Standover Height


Reach (Saddle to Handlebar)


Handlebar Height


Total Length (Tire to Tire)


Wheelbase (Center to Center)


Rider Position

Balanced Position

Leaning slightly forward, with your weight balanced between your hands and the saddle. It gives you a slightly sportier, more agile handling, with a comfortable ride and no strain on your lower back.

Common Questions & Videos


Is the EVELO Atlas a good choice for me?

The Atlas has all of the features and components our customers have been requesting for years. The Enviolo CVT is argueably the best internally geared solution for Mid Drive eBikes on the market. The Gates CDX Belt Drive is the best of the best, and the Bafang M600 is one of the most powerful mid drive systems available.

Does the Atlas have enough power for my terrain?

Yes. With 120 N.m of torque and 1200 peak watts, the Atlas has the power to tackle any terrain with any size rider. This is the most powerful fully street legal OEM production electric bicycle available.

Tell me more about the Dual Battery Option

The Atlas come standard with a large 15AH battery, which will provide up to 60 miles of range right out of the box. For those looking for a bit more adventure time, an additional rear rack mounted battery is available, which is plug and play with the ecxisting electrical system, making it easy to effectively double your available range to 120 miles per charge. This rack system can be added at the time of purchase, or at any time af

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
So much fun

I got my Atlas about a week ago and have already put on over 60 miles. I did the self assembly which was easy and pretty quick. The bike has been amazing. I also bought the throttle which I would definitely recommend. Don't wait, just order one. You will love it


Evelo stands by their product and good name.No surprise,s great support. Very pleased with my (Atlas) model purchase.Can,t say enough good things about their company.

John R
Great drivetrain

The powerful Bafang motor, Enviolo IGH and belt drive is a great combination of features that is not found on many bikes. The Enviolo hub will make you never want to use a derailleur again.

Brian Crosby
Excellent mid mountain ebike

The Atlas is structurally solid and finely finished. The motor, power, and drive train are class leading. I am more than pleased with this bike. In my area it will climb all hills and it’s superior range will easily exceed mine. I strongly recommend this bike for moderate mountain trail work along with surface applications.
Thank you,
Brian Crosby

Steve Raeford
Steve's Atlas

Loving the Atlas so far. It is as responsive as advertised, plenty of get up and go. The throttle, which has had a lag time on other bikes I have had, gives a more instant response which I like. The handling is very good, the tires are just right, not to skinny so I have more confidence in low traction situations like leaves on pavement, not to fat to give unnecessary resistance and weight. The ride being more over the front tire for traction in the dirt would have been great when I was in Moab is not what I want for the Greenway now that I am home, to much weight on hands and arms. A stem riser fixed that, now I am comfortable but I have the option to remove the riser when I go back to mountain biking and I will be set for that. All is good with the Atlas.