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Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited

Easy to ride step-through cruiser.

With the Aurora Limited Edition, you get a unique step-through frame design, the Enviolo Automatiq gearing system, semi integrated frame battery, a powerful 750 Watt motor, Throttle, Torque Sensor, and the Gates Carbon Drive Belt system. It has it all. This is a great choice for both seasoned riders, and new cycling enthusiasts alike. The Aurora Limited has a comfortable saddle, swept back cruiser style handlebars, plush oversized tires, an upright riding position, and the best components available.


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Aurora Limited Features

Easy to get on & off for both men and women.

Removing the top tube from a high power electric bicycle is no easy task, but EVELO engineers have designed the Aurora to offer the lowest point of entry possible, making it easy to get on and off the bike for both men and women. Looking to load up for your next adventure? The step through frame also benefits touring cyclists, making it easy to get on and off your bicycle with a full load of gear on the rear rack. This is the future of eBikes.

Don't worry about changing gears - the bike does that for you

The Aurora Limited features the Enviolo Automatiq CVT system, which offers fully automatic shifting in any riding conditions. This is the best eBike drivetrain available worldwide, and offers the easiest and most reliable eBike shifting possible. It's maintenance free, offers fully automatic shifting, is easy to operate, and is hands down the cutting edge in bicycle technology.

Short charge times and up to 60 miles of range

Go the extra mile with EVELO’s top-tier Li-ion cell technology. Our large semi-integrated frame battery offers extended range, and is easily removed for charging on or off your bicycle. With short charge times and up to 60 miles of range for your average rider, you can ride and explore more and spend less time worrying about when to head back home.


Easy Assembly

It arrives almost fully assembled (95%), so you can be riding in no time!



From your local bike shop

Bringing back the fun & freedom of riding bikes for the last 10-years.

Bringing back the fun & freedom of riding bikes for the last 10-years.

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Product Specifications



Recommended Rider Heights

5'4" - 6'2"

Seat Height (Minimum / Maximum)

32" / 42"

Seat to Pedal (Lowest / Highest)

28" / 34"

Standover Height


Reach (Saddle to Handlebar)


Handlebar Height


Total Length (Tire to Tire)


Wheelbase (Center to Center)


Bike Components


Powerful Dapu 750W (1,000W peak) Mid-Drive Motor w/ 105N.m. Torque.


48V 14.5Ah Battery with Advanced Battery Management Software


48V Smart Charger

Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

20 Miles per Hour (Can be Increased to 25 mph Maximum in Off-road Mode)


Up to 60 Miles on Pedal-Assist or 25 Miles on Electric-Only

Electric Assist

Multiple Levels, Plus Electric-Only (via Throttle)


6061 High-Strength Aluminum Alloy


Suntour XCM32 Boost Technology 15mm Thru Axle, with fender eyelets


36H 45mm wide Double Wall Alloy Rims with 13g Spokes


Puncture Resistant Innova 26" x 2.8″


Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm Front 160mm Rear Rotors and Cutoff Switch


Velo Breeze Comfort Saddle with Memory Foam


EVELO Stargazer, 110mm


Enviolo® Continuously Variable Transmission


Enviolo Automatiq Controller


Wellgo Comfort Pedals


Fully Integrated Spanninga Kendo Front, Lineo Rear


EVELO C800 IPS Multi-Color 3.7″ Display


Front and rear fenders

Rear Rack

Integrated Cargo Rack, 45 lb. Weight Capacity

Bicycle Weight (without battery)

63 Lbs.

Battery Weight

8 lbs

Maximum Rider Weight

Recommended for riders up to 350 lbs. Larger riders can be accommodated – contact us for details.

Rider Position


An upright riding position puts the rider in a nearly vertical seating position for the most comfortable ride possible. You will experience little weight on hands and wrists, with the handlebars within easy reach. No stress or strain on the lower back, hands, or wrists.

Questions about the Aurora Limited?

Schedule a Free Consultation with an EVELO eBike expert. We're happy to offer 1 on 1 service to answer any of your questions about the EVELO Aurora, or any other eBike related topics.

What The Experts Say

"Better than an $8k German eBike"


Aurora Limited

"Futuristic look and ride feel"

- Electric Bike Report

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Alan Fishback
Super bike and super customer service.

I have had my Evelo Aurora for more than two years now and I absolutely love it. I recently started having some trouble with the NuVinci electronic transmission, but Thomas Weber in customer support got me the necessary part quickly and walked me through the repair. I was back on the road right away and did not have to take my bike to a shop. This is my second Evelo Aurora and they have both been fantastic. Great bike and great people!

Clyde Ullrich
Aurora Limited

This company is second to none! I bought a open box Aurora Limited liked the bike but noticed it would make a clicking noise after riding 20 minutes. Talked to them thinking it was a normal sound but they were quick to say it was not. Tried the things they suggested, but unfortunately it didn’t do the trick! Send Evelo a recording of the issue while riding the bike, note it was difficult but finally got it! They agreed that it had an issue an sent a replacement bike. I put the accessories on the new bike which is the newest version of the Aurora Limited. It’s automatic or you can change it to manual but I didn’t like the manual shifting mechanism so went back to automatic. It’s a great bike but I preferred the twist shift, guess it’s the motorcycle guy in me. After trying this new version for a while I just wasn’t liking it! Send David a message stating my opinion and he offered me the new Atlas. I tried to get some feedback on this bike but it’s a new production bike so read the reviews on the old version the Delta X. I trust this company and sure the Atlas will be the bike for me!!!
I live in Saint George Utah and if you are in the market for a great bike you will not be disappointed!

Mark Bentley
Top Quality, superb handling, and cutting edge technology

Evelo Aurora Limited Review

This is my 4th ebike purchase and certainly the best (and at this price level, it should be!). I am now spoiled and won’t buy another bike unless it has a Gates belt and CVT hub! This very impressive technology simplifies the gear train and quietly eliminates oily (or rusty) chains and temperamental greasy derailleurs.
The handling on this bike is excellent, thanks to the use of quality tires, hydraulic disk brakes, and a robust front suspension fork. The handlebar controls are high quality and their look and feel are top notch. Switching between “manual” and “automatic” on the CVT hub is a simple button press and a super cool feature. The automatic mode allows you to set your preferred cadence while you are cruising along, but if you slow down or stop, it will immediately ‘gear down’ to allow easy acceleration to your previous pace! On level terrain I rarely needed to go beyond pedal assist level 1. The throttle also works nicely and is always handy when moving from a dead stop (I cannot see spending thousands on an ebike with pedal assist only). The functional rear brake light is also a nice touch.
I put the first 170 miles on the Aurora during a week in Hilton Head and I’ve gone 35 miles on a single charge (basic flat terrain and paved trails).
My bike had an assembly problem at the rear hub and David promptly sent me the tools, parts, and info to get it fixed. Evelo’s response was very impressive.

-High quality components: hydraulic disk brakes, fenders, lights, rear rack, suspension fork, puncture resistant tires etc.
-Advanced gear train technology
-Aluminum frame and solid handling
-48V battery and 750 watt motor system
-Excellent customer service
-Exceptional warranty

-Battery removal is the only way to “lock out” the system (if the bike is locked to a rack, someone could easily turn on the system and engage the motor).
-Limited programming options and no clock on the display (our other ebike with a Bafang controller allows 3, 5, or 9 PAS levels, numerous top speed settings, password protection etc)
-I replaced the seat with a softer one and it'd be nice if a suspension seat post were standard.

Matthew Bailey
Amazing bike

To preface I have only owned this bike for 2 days. I just installed the bike and it was pretty easy.
I expected a top quality bike after reading all the reviews. But seeing it first hand is very impressive.

I own 5 ebikes. A stroker st1, bulls Evo 27 fs, pedego, I zip Zuma, specialized cumo. Most of the bikes I own are all over 3k with my top two being 5 to 6k. This limited Evelo is by far the best built, best materials used, bike we have owned. Hands down a very quiet, sturdy and comfortable ride.
It would be nice to have a more comfy seat and post spring.
I can't say enough about the quality of this bike.

Eleanor Benecki
Aurora Limited is Amazing

Ride is SO smooth! The CVT shifter changes the riding experience totally, especially on big hills. Dial in your gear exactly without any loss of momentum. The bike is incredibly stable and I find myself leaning into curves effortlessly. The big tires make going over grass or gravel easy. I want to ride for hours every day. Gorgeous build, solid, strong, destined to be a friend bike. I love it.


Is the Aurora Limited a good choice for me?

The Aurora Limited is a feature packed bicycle, with an easy access step-through, and comfortable riding position. This bike is perfect for primarily road riding, some trail riding, and can tackle even the steepest hills and toughest climbs across the country. The mid drive motor system uses a torque sensor, which offers a smooth and natural feeling, but does require minimal pedal pressure to get going.

Does the Aurora Limited have enough power for my terrain?

Mid Drive eBikes are the top of the line as far as power is concerned, and a 750 Watt Mid Drive bike will produce more power and torque than a 750 Watt Hub Motor bicycle. The Aurora Limited can handle larger riders with ease, and can comfortably climb 10% grade with no pedaling whatsoever. The powerful Mid Drive motor, combined with the Enviolo Harmony Automatic shifting system operates at the highest efficiency possible, offering the most power, and range in its class.

Will I fit properly on the Aurora Limited?

The Aurora Limited can be adjusted to suit Medium and Larger sized riders.. Take a closer look at our sizing chart and specifications on the product page. A great way to compare this to your existing bike is to measure your current saddle height straight down to the ground - this gives you a real number to compare to the specs on our website. If this measurement is over 32” - you’ll fit well on the Aurora Limited.

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