The Galaxy SL

Stay in control with the Galaxy SL

The Galaxy SL is an eBike designed with easy riding in mind. It's a perfect fit for riders 5’10” and under, and suitable for riders all the way down to 4’10”.

Some eBikes feel big and bulky - not the Galaxy SL. It's lightweight, nimble, and offers the benefits of a low stepthrough frame, powerful Mid Drive motor system, and the Enviolo CVT transmission with manual shifting.

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Which Galaxy is right for you?

Perfect for riders looking to keep expenses down while still purchasing a high quality ebike. This is the choice for riders looking for a manual shifter for direct control of their gearing.

Our upgraded and enhanced Galaxy 500 with a larger battery, more power, and fully automatic shifting. This is the choice for anyone looking for the best of the best.


Galaxy SL

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EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- front right view
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- back right view
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- front left view
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- left side view
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- back left view
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- handlebars and display
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- throttle
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- display
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike- shifter
EVELO Galaxy SL Step Through Electric Bike close up
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
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Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL
Galaxy SL

Stay in control with the Galaxy SL

The Galaxy SL was designed with easy riding in mind, and is perfect for petite riders. Its expert-designed frame geometry is a perfect fit for riders looking for an electric bicycle that feels and rides like a regular bike. This value packed model offers many of the same features as its pricier counterparts.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mike in Boston
Excellent well-made cruiser, especially if you’re under 5’10"

I’m 79, and 5’4”, shrunk 2" over the last 10 years. Boston hills have been getting steeper, and it’s get off my high crossbar, so the step-thru SL is perfect. The bike it great on the road — 5 levels of motor assist; enough boost at level 1 or 2 for the mild hills. Combined with the changing gears, levels 4 or 5 are good on long, steep hills west of the city.

The bike is very well made and quiet on the road. You get fenders, front & back lights, a digital readout, and a rear carrier, but no bell, something Evelo ought to add. The seat is comfortable after just a few rides. You twist the collar of the CVT forward on hills for a low gear ratio, and backward for a high ratio. When it’s twisted back, the collar is stiff and requires a firm grip, but easing off the pedals when shifting helps a lot. Evelo says it will get easier over time, and I can see that starting after only a modest number of miles. The brakes are excellent. The levers can be adjusted closer to the handlebars for short fingers.

Most of the weigh is on the back wheel. One online review said that with the battery mounted in back of the seat the center of gravity felt a bit high. I didn’t find that. One grumble: The bike comes with pedals that aren’t drilled for toe clips, and they don’t spin freely. I replaced them with Velo flat pedals and am happy with those.

I’ve received a response to a couple of emailed questions within hours, and after the first month, an offer for a phone call to answer questions. Envelo is justified in bragging about their service. They sell a lot of bikes with the Enviolo automatic transmission (i.e. the Galaxy Lux), but if you’re ridden a bike with a derailleur and shifters on the handlebars, you’ll feel right at home with the CVT on the Galaxy SL.

Stacey L.

I love my Galaxy. Despite not being handy, setting the bike up from the box was no problem and my first rides made me smile so big. Easy to handle, fun to ride. I'm super happy how EVELO has treated me on my first ebike purchase. Highly recommend.

R. Grider
First ride

Just went for a very short (2 mile) ride. My first one. The bike is a perfect fit for me at 5’6”. When I first started out I went “Whee!” Because I did not realize how fast it would start out and I am definitely no speed demon, lol. Baby hills and flats on the road in front of my house, some paved and some turned to potholes and gravel. I did my ride in 0 and 1st pas settings and changed the gears to see how they operate. It was a great learning experience. Glad I had a helmet on! I wanted to have a ride before the weather turns rainy again. I must say it was exhilarating!

My concerns are still the chain and the fact that I have not located a bike shop close to me if I have any issues. And I think the battery rack is not straight but I have not figured out why, yet. It just seems off-center. But, otherwise, I love the bike.

I do want to find a bike trailer for my dog so he can go with me occasionally.

I like the fact that the folks at Evelo keep in contact without being pushy. I spent over a year researching ebikes and am happy I picked Evelo.

Melati Pohan

I am delighted with my Evelo SL e-bike and would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. One of the things that I appreciate most about this e-bike is the exceptional customer service provided by Evelo and the four-year warranty. They have consistently reached out to get feedback and provide support, which I believe is well worth the premium price.

As a smaller person (5'2), I was looking for an electric bike with a more petite frame to make it easier to control and maneuver. The Evelo SL exceeded my expectations in this regard, and I am grateful for the additional features that enhance my rides. The mid-drive motor provides excellent stability and a natural cycling experience, and the front and rear lights allow me to ride safely in low-light conditions. The bike is also low maintenance and looks great.

The easy-to-remove battery is a convenient feature, making it easy to charge the bike and ensuring I never run out of power. The Evelo SL has a quick charge time and a battery range that comfortably covers four 9-mile rides I've been doing daily for exercise. The wheel size, gears, and PAS also makes a smooth ride.

While there are a few things that I wish were different about the Evelo SL, such as the weight and the lack of a suspension for rough roads, these are minor issues that do not detract from my overall enjoyment of the bike. The lack of suspension can be easily remedied by purchasing a suspension seat post for $100. Additionally, I wish the throttle speed were adjustable for better assistance when pushing the bike when not physically riding it.

Overall, the Evelo SL e-bike is a significant investment, and I am thrilled with my purchase.

LA Nisbett
Love it!

Love my EVELO E-Bike! I have put over 800 miles on it. A fun ride and a great product! It’s powerful and can do big hills with ease!

Up To 50






Easy Riding, Easy Operation

The Galaxy SL Fits

The Galaxy SL comes with everything you need right out of the box to get riding on your favorite roads and trails, including a comfortable saddle for longer rides.

EVELO offers the strongest Warranty in the industry, the best customer service team anywhere, and easy assembly options. Its time to go for a ride.

Manual Shifting Enviolo CVT

The Enviolo Trekking CVT is low maintenance, and the easiest manually shifting CVT available. It's like riding a regular bicycle, but easier. Just twist the handlebar mounted shifter for easier or harder pedaling.

No clicking or skipping, and the chain can never fall off. CVT Technology offers the best riding experience possible.

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The Galaxy SL features a cable actuated shifter thats as smooth as the volume knob on your hi-fi. This gives the rider total control during their ride.

These components are commercial-grade and require no maintenance. They're commonly utilized in popular bikeshare programs because of their durability.

Torque Sensing Mid Drive Motor

Mid Drive Motors provide extremely efficient operation and functionality for more range, and also offer the most natural feeling riding experience possible.

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The Galaxy SL features the Dapu MD500, which offers 740 Watts of peak power output, 90NM of torque, and can tackle any hill in its path.

Handlebar Mounted Throttle

Having a handlebar mounted throttle makes it easy to get started out on your ride, and allows you to take a break when riding as well.

The thumb style button on the left hand side is easy to push, and provides a boost of power on demand, whether you're at a complete stop, or already riding.


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The Galaxy SL comes with a throttle as standard giving you power-on-demand anytime you need it.

Just push a button and have the extra assistance you need to power up the hill, or accelerate from a complete stop.

Reliable Chain Drive

The corrosion resistant KMC chain operates on just a single sprocket, meaning it will never click or skip, and can never fall off when adjusted properly.

While regular maintenance is required with any chain driven bicycle, this single sprocket design makes this the most reliable chain drive bicycle possible.

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Chains have been a key component on all bicycles for well over 100 years, and will be around for another 100. Since there is no derailleur or external gears on the Galaxy, chain life is extended, and maintenance is much easier than that of a regular bicycle.

Designed to Fit

All Galaxy models have been specifically engineered for riders ranging from 4'10" to 5'10".

Everything from the wheels to the handlebars have been curated to create an elevated riding experience for many riders. Simply put, the Galaxy feels just like a regular bike, and is manageable in both size and weight.

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With a low step-through height you never need to swing your leg over to start your ride or get your feet on the ground. Getting on and off the bike is easy.

We keep the battery on the rear rack to make access as easy as possible. The Galaxy Lux features the lowest step through height of any EVELO model.


Looking for Reviews?

"Right off the bat, we can see the custom frame geometry that Evelo designed for a more stable, upright riding position. ..."

"Evelo is also known for their excellent customer service. They’ve been around for over a decade, and are honestly looking better than ever...."

- Electrified Reviews


Easy Assembly

The Omega arrives almost fully assembled (95%), so you can be riding in no time. We offer instructional videos, instructions, along with an option for professional local assembly if turning a screwdriver isn't for you.

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Popular Upgrades

Save on our Comfort Package

A wider saddle, suspension seatpost, and front suspension stem are the most popular upgrades with EVELO riders.

This package offers the smoothest ride possible, adding even more cushion to the seat, an additional light bar for safety, and both front and rear suspension for cloud-like pedaling. Save over 20% when bundled with a new order.

Galaxy SL Specifications

Components & Weight



Dapu 500W Continuous, 740W Peak, 95Nm torque. Patented Brushless Design, Torque and Speed Sensor Control.

Enviolo Trekking, twist shift (mechanical shifter)



Lithium Ion 36V13Ah with Advanced Battery Management Software


36V Smart Charger

Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

Up to 25 MPH


Up to 50 Miles on Pedal-Assist

Electric Assist

5 levels of Pedal Assistance and handlebar mounted Throttle



Hydroformed Aluminum 6061T6

EVELO Rigid 4130 Chromoly Fork


36H 45mm wide Double Wall Alloy Rims with 13g Spokes


CST Cyclops 24″ x 2.4"


Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm Front 160mm Rear Rotors w/ Cutoff Switch


Selle Royal Comfort Springer Saddle



EVELO Stargazer, 110mm

KMC Chain Drive


Enviolo Mechanical Twist Shifter


Wellgo LU-C33


Fully Integrated Spanninga Kendo Front, Lineo Rear


EVELO C800 IPS Multi-Color 3.7″ Display


Composite all weather front and rear fenders

Rear Rack

Alloy Rear Rack w/ Battery Integration

Bicycle Weight (without battery)

46.8 lbs

Battery Weight

6.8 lbs

Maximum Rider Weight

Recommended for riders up to 350 lbs. Larger riders can be accommodated – contact us for details.

Sizing Information


Distance from the top of the saddle to the pedal, with the pedal in the most downward position.

Standover height is the distance from the ground to the middle of the top tube with the traditional diamond frame, and from the ground to the mid-length of the middle of the tube with the step-through frame design.

We define reach as a distance from the middle of the saddle to the handlebar grips. The reach measures how far you need to lean to "reach" the handlebar.

Distance from the top of the saddle to the pedal, with the pedal in the most downward position.

Standover height is the distance from the ground to the middle of the top tube with the traditional diamond frame, and from the ground to the mid-length of the middle of the tube with the step-through frame design.

We define reach as a distance from the middle of the saddle to the handlebar grips. The reach measures how far you need to lean to "reach" the handlebar.

Total Length & Wheelbase

68" / 43"

Rider Position


An upright riding position puts the rider in a nearly vertical seating position for the most comfortable ride possible. You will experience little weight on hands and wrists, with the handlebars within easy reach. No stress or strain on the lower back, hands, or wrists.

Common Questions & Videos


What's the difference between the Galaxy SL and Galaxy Lux?

The Galaxy SL includes a twist shifter on the handlebar and has a chain drive, while the Galaxy Lux features a belt drive and fully automatic shifting, as well as a larger battery.

Does the Galaxy SL have enough power for my terrain?

The Galaxy SL has enough power for a 200lb rider going up some of the steepest hills in Seattle. Touch base with one of our CS representatives if you want to chat about your specific riding situation.

Will I fit properly on the Galaxy SL?

The Galaxy SL is a good fit for a wide range of rider height, from 4'10 to 5'10, and beyond. It's smaller wheels, larger tires, and upright seating position are good for anyone looking for an "easy to handle" electric bicycle.

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