Meet the EVELO Team

Over a Century of Bicycle Industry Experience

When you work with EVELO, you’re always a phone call or email away from electric bike experts, product designers, or even our CEO. We’re large enough to get things done effectively, but small enough where every customer gets personalized attention. Our team is headquartered in Seattle and Boston, with additional team members in nearly every time zone to offer the best customer experience any time of day, 7 days a week.

Boris Mordkovich

CEO & Co Founder
Boston, MA

Boris works closely with the entire team at EVELO to ensure the best we produce the best products and overall customer experience possible. His contagious optimism allows us to grow and prosper, while simultaneously maintaining a positive work atmosphere for all of our staff. Here at EVELO, CEO stands for "Chief Electric Officer".

John O’Donnell

Director of Product Development
Seattle, WA

John oversees all new product development and improvements, coordination with our production facilities, and ensuring that we are always on the leading edge of bike technology and features. You’ll also find him frequently chatting with customers to help them with their e-bike search.

Dave Goeppner

Director of Operations & CFO
Atlanta, GA

Dave oversees EVELO’s finances and ensures that we’re operating in a fiscally responsible, sustainable manner that will keep us around for years to come. He also acts as our Director of Operations, handling a variety of tasks including HR management, forecasting, scheduling, and many other organizational tasks.

Yevgeniy Mordkovich

COO & Co Founder
Queens, NY

Yevgeniy works to oversee our supply chain, manufacturer relations, shipping logistics, and works closely with our design and production teams to ensure that we keep our production going to meet the growing demand for electric bikes.

Thomas Weber

Senior Product Specialist
Ventura, CA

There is no technical problem that Thomas can’t solve. With years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, he offers a wealth of knowledge and information. You’ll oftentimes find him chatting with customers to help answer questions and find solutions for their needs. Between that, he also contributes his product design experience to development of new products.

David Rodenhiser

Senior Product Specialist
Boston, MA

Being one of our oldest team members makes David an excellent resource of information for all things EVELO, from the first generation Luna eBike all the way to our newest models. His technical knowledge and extensive personal cycling experience means he has the answers and solutions to any inquiry.

David Dye

Director of Customer Service
Kansas City, MO

David is a bike aficionado and an expert in all things related to electric bikes! Whether you have a sales or a technical question, he’ll find the right answer and help you get on your way! His knowledge and expertise is unrivaled; he’s been helping thousands of EVELO customers get the most out of their electric bike experience.

Eric Webster

Senior Product Specialist
Columbia, SC

Eric brings an extensive amount of industry and personal experience to the team and is an asset to our sales and service operations. He's always happy to help when it comes to selecting the perfect EVELO bike, or keeping your older model running like new.

Justin Scott

Shipping & Inventory Manager
Seattle, WA

Justin is the team member that ensures you get your new EVELO as fast as possible, and that it arrives in one piece. He works closely with our fulfillment center and a variety of other 3rd party logistical partners to get all new orders processed and on the truck headed to your door. He also oversees warranty part shipments.