Aurora Sport Vs Galaxy 500

Aurora Sport Vs Galaxy 500

We often get asked, “What are the real differences between the Aurora Sport and the Galaxy 500?”

Both are powerful, easy-to-use all-around bikes with virtually no maintenance headaches.

We're going to run through some of the key features between each bike and talk about why you’d want to get one over the other.

Visually you can see both bikes have a different style. The Galaxy 500 has a classic cruiser look and the Aurora Sport has a modern take on the comfort cruiser, but let’s dig a little deeper.

Both Have a Low Step-Through Frame

Low step-through frames make it easy to get on and off. Even if you don’t have mobility issues – It’s reassuring knowing you can hop off or get both feet on the ground quickly and easily.

The Galaxy 500 is our lightest full-sized eBike

The Galaxy 500, at approximately 54 lbs with battery (46 lbs with the battery removed), weighs approximately 14 lbs less than the Aurora Sport.

Riding position

Both Have an Upright Riding Position & Swept Back Cruiser Handlebars.

The Galaxy 500 has a more compact frame and 24” wheels, for an easy-to-handle, compact rider, and is best suited to riders 4’10” up to 5′ 10″.

The Aurora Limited features a 26” wheel and slightly taller frame, while still offering easy on-off access and an upright riding position.

Galaxy 500 Motor Size

With a powerful 500W motor and full throttle control – the Galaxy 500 has enough power for most riders. You also get an internally geared hub and Enviolo’s Automatic electronic shifting—so you don’t have to worry about changing gears, just enjoy the ride.

You also get full fenders, lights, and rear cargo rack, for great all-around utility.

Aurora Sport Motor Size

The Aurora Sport has a powerful 750W torque-sensing motor, for smooth, powerful operation, and uses a standard Shimano 7-speed transmission with a derailleur. On the rear wheel, there are seven different sized sprockets, along with a derailleur that moves the chain from one sprocket onto another, changing the gears of the bicycle. Since the Aurora Sport uses a hub-driven motor, the mechanical advantage of the gearing is separate from the motor. Thus, the power output of the motor is not affected by the gearing. The derailleur system is intended to make pedaling easier for the rider, depending on the terrain and speed. It also has throttle control at all speeds.

Which Bike is right for me?

Both bikes are as low maintenance as you can get, and easy to get on and off for both men and women.

The riding position is very upright, for great visibility and control. You will experience little weight on hands and wrists, with the handlebars within easy reach. No stress or strain on the lower back, hands, or wrists.

  • If you want a lighter bike that’s easy to manoeuver – The Galaxy 500 is going to be a great fit.
  • If you’re on the taller / heavier side and want a little extra power to conquer all the local hills, the Aurora Sport will get you there.

Both bikes are easy to use, built with quality components and designed to be virtually maintenance-free.

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Aurora Sport Vs Galaxy 500