Compact, lightweight & easy-to-transport folding electric bike. Fits in your life.

An electric bike that is elegant, easy to store and transport, and packs a ton of power and features in a single package - it takes real innovation & ingenuity and Dash has it all.

Every aspect of this folding electric bike has been designed to make it fit in your life -- whether you're looking for a lightweight electric bike to fit in your RV, boat or just the trunk of your car for easy transport.

Dash is not just a regular folder. Offering a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Belt Drive, high-power mid drive motor system, a 5-speed internally geared Sturmey Archer hub, and a timeless design that will get heads turned everywhere you go -- it is one of the best and lightest weight electric folders you'll find on the market today.


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Why People Love The Dash

Experience the power and smoothness of a mid-drive motor combined with a throttle-on-demand so you can pedal as much or as little as you wish.

With the integrated battery and sleek lines, the Dash delivers on both form and function with everything you need and nothing you don't.

No maintenance required with the Carbon Belt, simple shifting with an internal 5-speed hub, and a quick easy fold for getting it to your next adventure.

Up To 40






Unfold and Explore

The Dash is designed for riders on the go. Gearing is handled by a 5 Speed Sturmey Archer Hub. This combination is the perfect system for a folding bike, as it requires no maintenance, doesn’t need lubrication, stays clean, and can get bumped into and bounced around in transport without needing adjustment.

Natural Feel Pedal Assistance

The Dash uses one of the highest tech drivetrain systems anywhere in the world, packing a phenomenal amount of power into one of the smallest and lightest motor systems available.

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This motor system features torque sensing pedal assist system, which is a great choice for riders who wish to pedal their entire ride. A handlebar mounted throttle provides modest assistance if you need a short break from pedaling.

Ground Up Frame & Battery Design

The Dash features a frame designed specifically with the rider in mind. A fully integrated (and removable) battery lives inside the main tube.

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You can ride the extra mile with EVELO’s top-tier Li-ion cell technology. Our large fully-integrated frame battery offers extended range, and is easily removed for charging on or off your bicycle.

With short charge times and up to 40 miles of range for your average rider, you can ride and explore more, and spend less time worrying about when to head back home.

Sturmey Archer 5 Speed Shifting

The latest Dash includes a wide range Sturmey Archer 5 Speed Internally geared rear hub, which offers both top speed and low gearing for easy hill climbs. You can expect smooth accurate shifts and maintenance free operation with this Sturmey Archer gearing system.

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Both Sturmey Archer and the Gates companies have been around for over a century, so you can count on years of reliable and maintenance free performance from the entire drivetrain of the Dash.

  Gates Carbon Belt Drive

The Gates CDX Belt Drive is smooth, clean, and requires no maintenance. This is perfect for a folding bike, since it tends to get knocked around during transportation.

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A belt drive means no more risk of a greasy mess on your pant leg from a chain. The belt and gears require no lubrication whatsoever, and no maintenance - which means you can just focus on your ride. The belt drive system weighs in at about half the weight of a traditional chain. With the Gates Carbon Drive™, you will enjoy a quiet and ultra-smooth riding experience everywhere you go.

Handlebar Throttle, Fenders, & Lights

The Dash comes with a throttle on the handlebar, giving you power-on-demand anytime you need it. We also include full length fenders and integrated lighting right out of the box.

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Our thumb throttle makes it easy to just push your finger to give you the extra power you need to motor up the hill, or accelerate from a stop.

It's gives you peace of mind that you can use the throttle to get home if you're ever too tired.

The Dash also comes with full fenders making them perfect for blocking the mud, water, and grime that you encounter while out riding.

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"I was impressed with the compact size and reduced weight. It is super quiet and very responsive for pedal assist…"

"Evelo has some great accessory options including locks,baskets, bags, bells, and clothing. I appreciate the minimalism of the branding on this bike and also on their accessories, they all look professional and clean..."

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Easy Assembly

The Dash arrives almost fully assembled (95%), so you can be riding in no time. We offer instructional videos, instructions, along with an option for professional local assembly if turning a screwdriver isn't for you.

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Save on the Traveler Package

The Dash is meant for travel. Many EVELO riders choose to opt for a wider saddle, pannier bag on the rear rack, as well as a lightweight and secure Quicklock to make riding more comfortable, and stopping along your trip as convenient as possible. Save over 20% on the Traveler Package when bundled with a new order.

Open Box Bikes

If you're looking for an even better deal and are comfortable with a bike that has a few miles on it, take a look at our Open Box Bike inventory.


Dash Folder Specifications

Components & Weight



Dapu M65X 4.8lb, 70 N.m torque, 350W Mid-Drive Motor w/ Torque Sensor

Sturmey Archer RX-RK5 5 Speed Internally Geared Hub


36V 10.5AH Samsung


36V 2A Charger

Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

Up to 20 MPH with Pedaling


Up to 40 Miles on Pedal-Assist or 20 Miles on Electric-Only

Electric Assist

5 levels of Pedal Assistance and handlebar mounted Throttle



Custom Lightweight Aluminum Folding Frame with Integrated Battery

Aluminum Alloy Fork with Fender Braze-Ons


36H 45mm wide Double Wall Alloy Rims with 13g Spokes


Puncture Resistant CST Operative BMX Tire 20x2.4


Zoom HD875 with cutoff switch, 160mm Rotors


Selle Royale Astro Comfort Saddle



EVELO Quick Folding & Height Adjustable

Gates CDX Heavy-Duty Carbon Belt, 60T, 26T Rear Cog


5 Speed Internally Geared Sturmey Archer RX-RK5


Sturmey Archer Handlebar Mounted Rapid Fire Shifter


Wellgo Quick Fold Pedals


Fully Integrated Front and Rear Lighting


Dapu C-800 IPS display


All Weather Front and Rear Fenders

Rear Rack

Cargo Rack, 45 lb. Weight Capacity

Bicycle Weight (without battery)

44 lbs

Battery Weight

4.5 lbs

Maximum Rider Weight

Folded Dimensions

Recommended for riders up to 275 lbs

37" x 17" x 26" (with seatpost removed)

Sizing & Dimensions


Recommended Rider Heights

4'10" - 6'4"

Seat Height (Minimum / Maximum)

33" (28" when post is cut) / 40"


Seat to Pedal (Lowest / Highest)

30" (25" when post is cut) / 37"

Standover Height


Reach (Saddle to Handlebar)

21" - 24"

Handlebar Height

40" - 45"

Total Length (Tire to Tire)


Wheelbase (Center to Center)


Folded Dimensions (Seatpost removed)

37" x 17" x 26"

Rider Position

Balanced Position

Leaning slightly forward, with your weight balanced between your hands and the saddle. It gives you a slightly sportier, more agile handling, with a comfortable ride and no strain on your lower back.

Common Questions & Videos


Is the EVELO Dash a good choice for me?

Lightweight? Check. Folding? Check. Powerful Mid Drive, Gates Carbon Belt, Internally Geared Hub, Pedal Assistance and Throttle? Check. If you’re looking for a folding bike that is as versatile as you, the Dash will not disappoint.

Does the Dash have enough power for my terrain?

The Dash has a powerful mid drive motor system with ample amount of torque. Since it is lighter weight and has smaller wheels, we intentionally kept the drivetrain at 350 Watts, as it’s the most efficient and appropriate power to weight ratio for a folding bike. It’s smooth and buttery motor assistance will make you feel like a superhero on your ride.

Will I fit properly on the Dash?

The Dash, along with most folding bikes, come with an extra long seatpost to fit an extremely wide range of riders on the same frame design. The handlebars go up and down easily, as does the saddle itself. If you’re extra tall or on the shorter side - take a peek at the measurements available in the sizing section, and compare those numbers to your current bicycle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brian McLoughlin (Los Angeles, California, United States)
Perfect e-bike for me!!!

The Evelo Dash is just the e-bike that I wanted; a lightweight folder with a more substantial stature that some of the more notable (and more expensive) lightweight folders on the market. Evelo has achieved the perfect balance to make the e-bike truly ‘portable’ for throwing in the back of the car or in our travel trailer for road trips! The ride is very smooth, shifting is fun and effortless. I can’t say enough for the service team at Evelo; my first bike had some issues and they quickly resolve the issues until finally sending me a new Dash. I’m so appreciative and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Peter Chan (Fremont, California, United States)
Shop for the people behind the price

As a person that works at the leader of EV vehicles, I went searching for my first electric bicycle to handle my work commute. Naturally I wanted the best and started comparing prices on various google search results. All too often when we are searching for things to buy at the best price and performance our money can get us, we tend to forget about Customer Service and the people who support the pre and post-purchase in our total cost. How do you put a price on that? I purchased an open box folding bike from a company I only learned about through positive youtube videos and their website and facebook page. I had issues with the front brake squeaking and the facebook community pointed me to customer service. I had a response and a dialogue going within the same day. They even answered the phone! I ultimately took it to a local bike shop to have it tuned and emailed that receipt to David at EVELO and within 24hrs had a credit back on my original payment. The quality of the folding "Dash" bike is exactly as reviewed and the customer service is way above industry standard. This company is run by professionals and now I feel my bike was more than a purchase, but an investment backed by a reputable company.

Stephen L. (Wappingers Falls, New York, United States)
One of the best folding bikes out there!

Right off the bat I'll say that it's not as powerful as some of the other "folding bikes" like the Rad Mini 4 or the Aventon Sinch but that doesn't tell the whole story. What's so great about this bike is it's ACTUALLY portable when it comes to size and weight. The Rad Mini 4 and Aventon Sinch are really full size bikes that happen to fold but they really aren't portable. Ok so what's so great about the Dash? The riding experience is so much better than the other folding bikes out there. The pedaling experience is so smooth and you hardly feel when the motor kicks in because it's so quiet but all of a sudden you notice that you're moving at a great pace. Pedal assist 1 to 5 feel fantastic and I love how every assist level has it's place. When you change gears you don't get that annoying CLUNK that you get when you have a chain. The belt not only feels great to pedal with but it's just so much cleaner looking on your bike. If you're someone like me who carries it into his apartment you don't have to worry about grease getting on things like the rug which I've had happen before with an old Motobecane Hybrid and that was a NIGHTMARE to clean up. The 350w motor is SUPER impressive for it's size. Like I said you won't get the acceleration that you get on the 750w motors on other bikes but as someone who is 220-230 (with my backpack full) I'm actually shocked it moves as well as it does. The battery is half the size compared to some other folding bikes and so far I've only used up 1-2 bars of battery since owning it so I'm assuming I'll get 30-40 miles of range on it, and for the size that's incredible. The battery is also well constructed which seems like some sort of aluminum casing and not some cheap plastic on the outside. It does take some time to charge but I'm sure you can buy an aftermarket charger that can fix that. I was worried about the tires at first but speaking with David he assured me these tires would be just as good as some of the fat tires on other folders and he was right. They are super comfortable and they really help with some of the portability because they are a bit thinner than fat tires. They have great grip too and have no trouble on gravel or dirt roads. The included LCD screen is fantastic, bright and colorful but I do wish it had a battery % on there but I notice this is a problem in general with folding bikes. They all seem to use these 5 bar battery gauges which just aren't that accurate. You want to know when you're on the last bar if you have 10 miles left or 2. Now when it comes to aesthetics it's just a sexy looking bike there's no denying that. The dark blue color is a fantastic choice because in certain lighting it looks black but when the sun in shining you can see that great pearl paint job. Really my only cons with this bike are I wish it had a 500w motor minimum but I get that would kill the range on the bike or they would have to put in a bigger battery which means a bigger frame for the battery and more weight and so on. I love how they thought portability first because that's the reason a lot of us get these folding bikes so we can carry them up stairs to our apartments. My other small complaint would be for the price I wish they included a bell like a lot of the other folders do. Yea you can just buy a cheap one on Amazon but that's not the point. Overall I think they have a real winner here and if you are looking for an eBike with portability with extreme quality, fit and finish and an overall great experience the Dash is your bike. Last thing I want to touch on is the customer support. Yes you get the 4 year 20k mile warranty which I think is the best in the industry? (I haven't seen better), but from the minute I was interested in this bike until now their sales reps will email you day and night to keep in touch and make sure everything is perfect. I probably wouldn't have pulled the trigger on this bike if it wasn't for David because I was very weary of 350w bikes but he assured me it would be good enough especially with the mid drive and he was right. They weren't afraid to talk about the shortcomings of the bike and they appreciated my feedback. I would not hesitate to order another EVELO and when I get a place where I don't need a folder I'm certain I'll pull the trigger on an Aurora Limited. Thanks for reading!

Joanne Zamora (Troy, New York, United States)
The Dash is Great!

We've been traveling in our RV for the past 5 years and have had a number of ebikes over the years, most of which we transported on a rear hitch rack. Switching to folding bikes was the best choice we could have made, and they fit in the storage space under the RV. EVELO has been a pleasure to work with.

Verne Walsh (Palmetto, Florida, United States)
Evelo Dash

I love riding my bike, It is taking a while to get used to the electric assist, but I am getting on to it, There were two small issues that I wrote to you about earlier. I hope you will have suggestions to remedy them. All in all, I love this bike. Verne Walsh