Gates Belt Drive System

- Virtually Maintenance Free
- Long Lasting
- Rated for 10,000 Miles
- Smooth and Quiet
- Greaseless & Clean

Gates Carbon Drive

- Virtually Maintenance Free
- Long Lasting
- Rated for 10,000 Miles
- Smooth and Quiet
- Greaseless & Clean

Perfect for Mid Drive eBikes

The belt drive system weighs in at about half the weight of a traditional chain. With the Gates Carbon Drive™, you will enjoy a quiet and ultra-smooth riding experience everywhere you go.

Belt Drives are the perfect component to pair with Mid Drive motors and Internally Geared Hubs, such as the Enviolo Automatiq, since there are no external gears to deal with.

This all translates to the smoothest, cleanest, and longest lasting bicycle drivetrain possible.

Skip the Maintenance

Because the Gates Carbon Drive™ uses a carbon-reinforced belt, it will never stretch. That means less time fixing chain issues in your garage or at the bike shop and more time riding and enjoying your bike.

A belt drive means no more risk of a greasy mess on your pant leg from a chain. The belt and gears require no lubrication whatsoever.

Keeping your new EVELO clean is as easy as ever since you can rinse off your entire drivetrain with water, without having to relubricate anything afterwards.

The Smoothest Ride

Gates is a leader in developing innovative drivetrain systems, used in everything from large manufacturing machinery and race cars to electric bikes, and has been in business for over 100 years.

EVELO is one of a select few electric bike companies that is offering the premium Gates Carbon Drive system on a variety of our electric bicycle models.

The CDX system is Gates' top of the line groupset, offering the best performance and durability out of any eBike belt drive available anywhere; the cutting edge of bicycle technology.


Is a Belt Drive really better than a Chain?

Bicycle chains have been around for over 100 years, and will be around for another 100, and are a great economical solution for regular bicycles, and bicycles with external gearing systems. The Gates CDX is certainly a luxury, and the benefits of a belt drive system over a chain are clear. For Mid Drive eBikes with internally geared rear hubs - the Gates CDX Carbon Drive Belt is the only way to go.

Should I purchase spare belts with my new EVELO?

This is a common question, and the answer is simply, no. Gates belt drives have proven themselves in the harshest of conditions year after year, mile after mile. We rarely (never) see belt related warranty part replacements, so you can ride in confidence with just the belt on the bike, without the need for a backup in the garage.

No lubrication? That can't be right.

The inside face of the belt itself is coated with a hydrophobic Nylon jacket which interfaces with the Aluminum sprocket in the front, and the Stainless Steel cog in the rear. This allows for continuous and repetitive engagement between the belt and the teeth of the gears without the need for lubrication. Carbon Fiber tensile cords within the belt prevent stretching and maintain a consistent tension once set. The belt itself is rated at over 10,000 miles before it needs to be inspected and possibly replaced.

Models Featuring the Gates Belt

Easy to ride with all available options and components.

Power - 500w / 90Nm Mid Drive

Range - Up to 50 miles

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An EVELO classic

Power - 750w / 105Nm Mid Drive

Range - Up to 60 miles

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A lightweight mid-drive folding eBike

Power - 350W / 70Nm Mid Drive

Range - Up to 45 miles

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