Get Riding With Ergon GP2 Grips

Get Riding With Ergon GP2 Grips

Ergon GP2 grips are a great addition to any bicycle, as it gives you multiple riding positions with your existing straight handlebar setup.

The GP2 grip is a solid plastic grip, coated with a comfortable rubber outer layer. Its unique design prevents localized pressure in your hand, preventing numbness or any other kind of discomfort on extended rides.

They also feature a unique bar end, which is available in a few different lengths. This gives you the ability to move your hands to the outside of the handlebar, which is incredibly helpful while climbing, and just having another place to rest your hands while riding is always an advantage.

A secure clamp is built into the bar end portion, allowing you to adjust the grip position and the bar end position independently. This also prevents “throttle grip” which is common with most rubber grips – this is when the grips loosen up and can be twisted while riding.

These grips are available in short and long lengths, which is great for riders with larger or smaller hands, and also allows for installation depending on how much room is available on your handlebar. The shorter version is a direct fit on EVELO models, and works great with the Throttle and NuVinci N360 Drivetrain.

Overall, this is a great upgrade for any rider looking for an alternative to your standard grip styles, and it gives you the benefits of bar ends in a nice clean, tight, and effective package.

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