DAPU Motor Review – 750w Mid Drive

DAPU Motor Review – 750w Mid Drive

Dapu offers a popular mid-drive motor that has been the subject of online discussions among electric bike users recently. We wanted to address this head-on and share our experience and more importantly our customer reviews of the DAPU 750w Mid Drive motor.

Why we chose the DAPU Motor

First up, we are using an exclusive & custom build DAPU 750w motor on our bikes. The benefit here is that we’re able to tightly integrate the motor system and controller to get the best riding experience. Other manufacturers don’t have this motor.


  • 750 watt mid-drive
  • 1,000 watt peak power and
  • up to 105 Nm of torque

The DAPU team is also responsive to feedback from EVELO team and customers like you. This means that the DAPU motor is built for North American riders. You get the full 750w of power and the throttle to use it.

Anytime we use a new component we monitor the quality and reliability. Before we added the DAPU Motor we tested it on our staff bikes for 18 months. Today there are over 300 EVELO bikes on the road with DAPU motors. We’ve been selling these motors for about a year now, and our warranty rate is lower than any other motor manufacturer we’ve used.

All of our customers enjoy a 4-year warranty on their electric bike. For the few people who experienced an issue we have:

  1. Replaced the motor under our 4-year warranty
  2. Swapped the bike as part of our 21-day at-home trial or
  3. Fully refunded their purchase (rarely happened)

We want you to love your bike and we wouldn’t last the 9 years we’ve been in business if we didn’t stand behind our products.

Here are a few Common Questions about the DAPU Motor:

Is the DAPU Motor Noisey?

  • It’s not any noisier than other motors.
  • We’ve changed the stock tires on our bikes to be smoother, and that gives a quieter ride. Now the rider can hear the motor, where in the past they heard the tires.
  • It’s not loud in the same way you can hear a motorbike or making odd sounds like a knocking

Is the DAPU Motor Reliable?

  • Yes – The warranty rate is the lowest of any motor we have used on our bikes
  • Combined with the Gates Carbon Belt it’s low maintenance and reliable option

What’s the Riding Experience Like with a DAPU Mid Drive Motor?

  • We have the DAPU Motor on the Aurora Limited Edition and this bike uses a Torque sensor
  • The DAPU Motor combined with the Gates Carbon Belt on the Aurora Limited – Everyday riding is quiet and smooth. There isn’t any sound from gear changes or from a chain bouncing around on rough roads.
  • The automatic shifting system will move you through the gear ratio range to keep you in the preferred pedaling cadence that you select. This means you get the power you want without worrying about changing gears.

DAPU Motor Reviews

The Aurora Limited uses the DAPU 750w motor. Here are the most recent reviews.

“I now own an Aurora Limited Edition!. Wow, what a bike and what a dream machine it is to ride. I took this beast up that steep hill yesterday and it performed flawlessly with power to spare. I was absolutely amazed and very pleased. The power is there as well as the ease of the transmission transfer from gear to gear and the ease of cadence coordination. The bike is solid and such a joy to ride.” Susan Wirth-White – Google Review

“It warms my heart that you value customer service as a top priority. That is the best way to create brand loyalty something that is missing in Corporate America today. Thanks Again.” Kevin McCabe

“One of the highlights of this motor is how quiet and smooth it is. With up to 1,000 watts and 105 Nm of torque this motor definitely has some kick! It can get you up to speed quickly and it also maintains a good clip on the steeper hills.” Electric Bike Review

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