Aurora Limited Edition vs. Aurora Sport - Which is right for you?

Aurora Limited Edition vs. Aurora Sport - Which is right for you?

As you can probably tell both the Aurora Limited and the Aurora Sport have very similar frames.

The cruiser comfort frame makes it easy to get on & off for both men and women. We designed this frame to offer the lowest eBike step-through height possible. The step through frame also benefits touring cyclists, making it easy to get on and off your bicycle with a full load of gear on the rear rack.

Since both Aurora models share a similar frame platform, comparing their components will provide a clearer image of which bike is right for you.


The Aurora Sport uses a 750 watt hub-drive motor, while the Aurora Limited Edition (ALE) uses a 750 watt mid-drive motor. While rated at the same wattage, mid-drive motors are inherently more powerful due to their design, so the mid-drive motor will be capable of more torque and a higher top speed. The ALE motor has a torque rating of 105 Nm, while the Aurora Sport is rated at 85 Nm. It is important to consider that despite the variance in torque specs, these motors are still rated at the legal limit for e-bikes in the US (750 watts), so you will have plenty of hill climbing power regardless. To learn more about the difference between the motor types, visit this blog post: Hub vs. Mid Motors.

The Aurora Sport uses a cadence sensor on its motor, which sensors motion about the spindle when pedalling. As the pedal cranks move, power is applied. On the ALE, the motor uses a torque sensor, which senses the pressure the rider places on the pedals, and applies power based on the input from the rider. The result is a slightly smoother engagement of the motor over cadence based systems.


The two models utilize different shifting systems to allow the rider to pedal comfortably in all terrain types. The Aurora Sport uses a standard Shimano 7-speed transmission with a derailleur.

On the rear wheel, there are seven different sized sprockets, along with a derailleur that moves the chain from one sprocket onto another, effectively changing the gears of the bicycle. Since the Aurora Sport uses a hub-driven motor, the mechanical advantage of the gearing is separate from the motor. Thus, the power output of the motor is not affected by the gearing. The derailleur system is intended to make pedaling easier for the rider, depending on the terrain and speed.

The ALE utilizes the Nuvinci Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This is a type of internally geared hub located in the rear wheel of the bicycle. The Nuvinci CVT is a stepless transmission, so you can continuously and seamlessly fine tune the gear ratio between its lowest and highest ratios. To learn more about the Nuvinci CVT, visit this link. The coupling of the mid-drive motor with the CVT allows the rider to leverage the greatest mechanical advantage. The Nuvinci system in the ALE also has an “automatic mode”, which allows the rider to set their cadence (pedaling speed), and have the bike make shift adjustments on the fly.


The ALE has the largest battery we offer at 696 watt hours, which translates to a range of up to 60 miles. The Aurora Sport uses a battery rated at 557 watt hours, which translates to a range of up to 45 miles.


Both bikes have disc brakes for plenty of stopping power. On the ALE, the front rotor is 180mm, and the rear is 160mm, and are hydraulically actuated. The Aurora Sport uses cable disc brakes with 160mm rotors on both front and rear. Hydraulic brakes offer a more premium feel and slightly more braking power, but cable disc brakes are still more than capable of bringing riders to a stop quickly when needed.


The ALE utilizes a belt to propel the bike forward, while the Aurora Sport uses a conventional chain. The belt is quiet, low maintenance, and does not require lubrication. They last longer than a chain and are great for e-bikes. That said, the chain is tried and true technology and still very useful in an e-bike application. Since the hub motor is separate from the chain, there is no wear on the chain caused by the motor itself, only by the rider pedaling- just like a normal bicycle. Proper cleaning and lubrication will extend the useful life of the chain for miles and miles.

Which Bike is Right for You?

Aurora Sport - High value step-thru e-bike that checks all the boxes. If you are looking for great value in a comfort e-bike backed by a 4-year warranty, then the Aurora Sport is an excellent option. With standard parts that are easy to maintain and a powerful 750 watt hub motor, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a step thru frame and assistance at your fingertips.

Aurora Limited- The top of the line comfort cruiser. If you are looking for the best of the best, then the Aurora Limited is the bike for you. Top tier components combined with advanced technology make the ALE a luxury e-bike focused on comfort. Between the torque sensor based 750 watt mid-drive motor, quiet belt drive, and automatic CVT, this is a low maintenance e-bike that is smooth, easy to ride, and has plenty of power.

Aurora Limited Edition vs. Aurora Sport - Which is right for you?