There has never been a more exciting time than now to become an electric bike owner. Having established itself as a hugely popular, effective, and important mode of transportation in countries around the world—most notably China and several nations throughout Europe–the electric bike is beginning to take off in the United States as well.

The primary appeal of an electric bike is its unique ability to combine pedal power with motor power, giving riders an unprecedented level of control over their riding experiences. By allowing riders to choose precisely how much power the motor will provide, ebikes have quickly become some of the most flexible and accessible vehicles in the world.

Whether it’s used to go on recreational rides with family or friends, as a way to get back into shape, or as a vehicle for completing your daily commutes, an electric bike is the key to easy, comfortable, and convenient travel.


By becoming an ebike owner in 2019 you place yourself at the forefront of a transportation movement that’s revolutionizing cycling, especially as it becomes increasingly important for Americans to find affordable, quick, easy, and convenient ways to get around. With a huge jump in ebike ownership in the last 7 years and plenty of room to grow, the U.S. electric bike market will continue to expand quickly. Some analysts predict that within 10-15 years, U.S. will become one of the largest electric bike markets in the world, with millions of ebikes sold each year.13

One of the key reasons for the rapid growth in ebike use is improved technology—as batteries and motors have become more efficient, durable, and lightweight, electric bikes have become increasingly viable vehicles for everyday travel. These improvements are also what make now such an opportune moment to become an ebike owner. With today’s super efficient, lightweight components, an electric bike can empower you to travel conveniently and affordably, all while having a good time.



Now that you’ve completed this buyer’s guide, you should have all the knowledge you need to make a smart and well-informed decision as to precisely which ebike is right for you. As you start looking at specific ebike models, talking to retailers, and figuring out which bike you should buy, be sure to keep in mind your specific needs, interests, and expectations. These should include the type of riding you want to do, your current health needs, your goals for getting an ebike, and what sort of terrain you’ll be riding across.

With all this in mind—and equipped with your expert knowledge—you can confidently dive into the exciting, dynamic, and rapidly expanding world of electric bikes. Good luck and enjoy the ride!