EVELO Handlebar Display Panel

EVELO eBikes all include a full featured color LCD display panel right on the handlebars. This is where you will find all of the information and settings you need during your ride.

EVELO display panels include:

Battery Indicator

This will be in the form of a bar or a percentage and shows your state of charge (SOC) as you ride. This will behave a bit differently than the gas gauge in your car, as you SOC will fluctuate depending on your riding style and terrain. Steep hills and throttle use will drain your battery quicker, and the more you pedal - the more range you will get on a single charge.

Pedal Assist Level

You will find a large number near the center of your display panel, which is your level of pedal assistance, also known as PAS. Your PAS will range from 0-5, with 0 being no assistance (just a regular bike) and 5 being the maximum assistance available (the bike does all the work). This setting is adjustable on the fly as you ride, so you can get as much, or as little exercise as you want.

Speedometer / Odometer

The display panel also features a speedometer, odometer, trip mileage, and other standard features.

Walk Mode

This feature allows the rider to press and hold a button and the bike will roll along at roughly 2mph, which is handy if you need to transport the bike and walk for a bit but re unable to ride it.

Lighting Control

The display panel also controls the front and rear lights on all EVELO models. The display also has a backlight, so when you turn the lights on, the display will dim slightly to make it easier to read at night time. This is also a safety feature as to not stress your eyes looking at a bright display, then looking back at a dark road.

Advanced Settings

Deeper in the menu of the display panel you will find speed limit settings, and a variety of other user adjustable parameters.

Control Panel

These buttons live on the left side of the handlebar and are easily accessible with your left hand while riding. This is how you turn the bike on and off, adjust your Pedal Assist settings, turn the lights on and off, and navigate through the different screens on the display.

For additional in depth information on our display panels, take a look at the manuals available in our EVELO Solutions Database.