Waiting Stinks

Waiting Stinks

As consumers, we’re all used to getting things quickly.

Of course when we buy something we want it as soon as possible, as 2 and 3 day shipping has become the norm for many products. If you’re shopping for anything bike related, you’re being told it’s going to take some time. Most bikes are either on back-order for a few months or simply not available.

It’s taking longer than ever to get the parts we need to make your eBike. This includes EVELO electric bicycles, and all other eBike manufacturers as well.

We’re as frustrated as you are with the situation and working diligently to get you the bike of your dreams as quickly as possible, but the reality is you may need to wait slightly longer than anticipated.

While reading this post may not get you a bike any quicker, we wanted to give you some insight into why you may need to wait, and a few options to consider.

A picture paints a thousand words

Parts Delay from Specialized

Bikes that were sold over the last year were made with parts from suppliers' inventories. With the spike in demand those supplies have now been depleted and components need to be built from scratch instead of just being ordered.

You might have seen the image above in Bike communities and on social media. It’s from Robert Margevicius, Senior VP at Specialized Bicycles, one of the three largest bike companies in the world. They have huge buying power but they are also having to wait to get the components they need to build their bikes.

Some of the parts they are waiting on will be over 300-days and that’s not including assembling or shipping the bikes.

What’s causing the delays?

There are dozens of components on every single bike, especially on electric ones, and they are sourced from multiple countries. For our bikes, we use components sourced from Europe, from Asia, and from the rest of the world.

The bike supply chain has been affected by 4 key factors:

  1. Demand Spiked – the bike industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented rise in demand. As more people are looking for an active pastime they can do on their own, the demand for electric bikes has more than doubled virtually overnight.
  2. Inventories of parts were depleted to keep up with demand - Component part supplies are near zero and supplies need to make more.
  3. Reduced factory capacity – many of the factories are currently working at reduced capacity with less staff than usual to keep their employees safe.
  4. Reduced shipping capacity – as the global demand for goods plummeted, it has affected the ease and timelines of being able to reserve space on a ship and get it delivered to the U.S.

So what options do you have?

You can buy a bike that’s in stock and ready to ship. It might not be your top pick, but it will get you out and riding sooner rather than later.

Reserve your dream bike and know you will get it as soon as possible. Every bike brand is working to hit estimated shipping dates; things come up and those dates can change.

Take a chance and wait for the bike to be in-stock. Other customers are reserving their bikes and we’re selling through the next shipments even before they arrive.

Waiting Stinks.

We want you to be outside riding and we promise to keep you updated at all times with the progress on any reserved bike.

Waiting for Your New eBike Stinks