Electric Bike or Electric Trike: What's the best option for me?

Electric Bike or Electric Trike: What's the best option for me?

Transportation via electric cycling is quickly gaining popularity for various reasons. Electric cycling is less expensive and more energy efficient than a car, great for the environment, and a powerful alternative to traditional bikes. If you’re an outdoor cycling enthusiast, you may have already heard of or even own an e-bike. But there is also another popular electronic option—an electronic trike. Electric tricycles function similarly to an electric bike, only the trikes have three wheels rather than two.

If you’re in the market for a mode of electronic transportation that will quickly get you from point A to point B, an e-bike or etrike is the perfect option. But which one should you choose—an electric bike or electric trike?

Electric passenger bikes and electric passenger trikes both have their own benefits. Depending on what you’re looking for, one might be more beneficial than the other. City commuters might benefit from one option, while someone who cycles through rough terrain might benefit from another option. This guide will help you decide which option is the right choice for you.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are an affordable and efficient mode of transportation. Evelo electric bikes especially are known for being durable and reliable.

Since bikes have two wheels and trikes have three, an electric bike would be the suitable option for both experienced cyclists as well as beginners. Additionally, electric bikes are more agile than trikes, making them the better option for intense terrain rides. These bikes can make wider turns than tricycles. They’re also much faster than tricycles and can accelerate quicker, making them the ideal option for quick commutes or long rides. Lastly electric bikes are more compact than trikes, making them the better option for anyone that lives in a small space.

If you think that an e-bike might be the right electronic transportation option for you, there are various ebikes to choose from. Each electronic bike has its own unique features and different bikes suit different needs. Here are a few different styles of electric bikes.

Electric Cruiser Bike

An Electric Cruiser Bikes is the perfect everyday bike for anyone who enjoys going for a long bike ride. These cruiser bikes have power and durability and are the perfect choice for riders who prioritize comfort and speed. 

The Omega is sleek, easy to ride, extremely comfortable and powerful. Every inch of the bike is designed for comfort and the battery can ride up to 60 miles (or 100 miles with a battery upgrade). This powerful bike has a 750-watt motor. The sleek and comfortable design of the bike makes it easy to get on and off. The Omega also features an upright riding position to protect your back. This would be an ideal bike for anyone who enjoys long rides.

Another comfortable option is the Aurora Limited. With a comfortable saddle, swept back cruiser style handlebars, plush oversized tires, and an upright riding position, this bike offers plenty of comfort and functionality. This bike also features a 750-watt motor, and it can ride for 60 miles before charging. Like the Omega, this cruiser is also excellent for long rides. 

If you’re looking for an Electric Cruiser Bike that’ll give you the smoothest ride possible, you should consider the Aurora Sport. This bike features large cruiser handlebars, a wide saddle, and oversized tires to make for easy riding. Like the bikes previously mentioned, this bike also has a powerful 750-watt motor system.

If you want a lot of power packed into a compact design, you want the EVELO Galaxy With a compact design, this bike is easy to ride and easy to store. Its size makes it the perfect option for riders of any size or skill level. With a 500-watt mid drive motor and a 50-mile drive range, this is a great commuter option.

Electric Trail Bike

An Electric Trail Bike, like the Atlas, is the perfect option for long range riders that enjoy going off-roads. The Atlas is the ultimate bike for adventure lovers with a powerful 600-watt motor and smooth gear changes. This Electric Trail Bike can also travel up to 100-miles before charging. This electric bike would be a great option for experienced riders that enjoy taking rides through different terrain.

Electric Folding Bike

If you’re a commuter that lives in the city or enjoys biking to work, you’ll likely want to go with an electric folding bike. A folding bike, like the Dash, is a lightweight e-bike perfect for commuters, RV campers, small spaces, and travelling. Because of its lightweight and compact nature, this bike is easy to transport. The bike also has a 40-mile range and a 350-watt motor, so while it’s not built for long rides like the electric trail bike, its lightweight nature and easy to fold design makes it perfect for everyday use. 

Electric Tricycles

Electric bikes are an excellent option for passionate cyclers and everyday commuters, but electric trikes have some benefits that bikes don’t. E-bikes are more flexible, multi-terrain capable, have more speed, and are more portable than e-trikes, but depending on what you’re looking for in an electric transportation method, you may want to consider an e-trike.

Because of the third wheel, electric trikes are more stable and allow for smoother riding than electric bikes. Riders don’t have to focus on balancing while riding, making it the perfect option for new riders or riders who prioritize easy riding. 

Trikes also take up more storage space than bikes, so they might not be the best option for anyone in a small space. Though because they take up more space, they also carry more. The Compass, for example, is an electric trike with a large basket. This large storage basket makes this a great choice for riders who travel with a backpack, groceries, or even a pet!

Additionally, because trikes require less physical effort, e-trikes are a good choice for anyone with joint pain or back pain. The e-trike will provide a more comfortable and smoother ride.

The Compass is the most popular mid drive e-trike on the market. The bike provides safety and stability, while still offering a 500-watt motor and up to a 40-mile range. Designed for easy on and off, this bike can be used by almost anyone of any size. The Compass also features pedal assistance and a throttle, so you can choose to peddle or press the thumb throttle and let the motor do 100% of the work for you. 

The e-trike obviously has different pros and cons than the e-bike, so ultimately it comes down to what features suit your own unique needs.

eBike Vs. eTrike

Both the e-bike and e-trike have their own unique features. Because of its flexibility, compact nature, speed and multi-terrain capability, an e-bike is likely the better option for anyone that enjoys camping, nature rides, more intense exercise, and long rides. The compact nature of the bike also makes it a good choice for anyone who commutes to and from work and doesn’t need that much storage space on the bike.

On the other hand, the e-trike’s safety, stability and storage basket space make it the better choice for someone who commutes and needs a lot of storage, is looking to replace public transportation or a car, wants ease and comfort, or is a beginner. Truly what it comes down to is—what features are you looking for in an electric method of transportation?

Whether you choose to go with the electric bike or electric trike, both are excellent options. Both options are energy efficient, can travel far distances, provide health benefits (exercise), and can save you money on gasoline, car parking, car insurance, etc. 

It’s now up to you to decide what features you’re looking for in an electric ride. Whichever option you choose, Evelo is here to offer you high quality, durable, reliable and powerful electric bicycles/tricycles. Shop our entire collection and find your perfect fit today. Enjoy your ride!

Electric Bike or Electric Trike: What's the best option for me?