Zoom Rear Brake, Lever Only

Zoom Rear Brake, Lever Only

Zoom Rear Brake w/ Cutoff for multiple models.

  • Omega
  • Atlas
  • Aurora Limited
  • Aurora SL
  • Galaxy 500
  • Galaxy Lux 
  • Galaxy SL


Includes: Rear caliper with line installed and filled, barb installed, olive, retention bolt, cosmetic bolt cap, lever.

Comes separated, with the line filled and capped.

  1. Unscrew cap to reveal barb
  2. Remove plug from lever
  3. Rlide on cosmetic cap
  4. Slide on retention bolt
  5. Slide on olive
  6. Insert line into lever
  7. Screw in retention bolt
  8. Slide on cosmetic cover
Regular price$75

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