Super Range System for Omega & Atlas

Extend your riding range on the EVELO Atlas and Omega with the dual battery system. It's a second battery integrated into the rear rack. Allowing for two batteries to be installed simultaneously for extended range and ride time.

Combined with your in-frame Primary battery, this 14.5AH add-on battery offers a maximum of a 100-mile real-world range. The system will automatically switch from the main integrated frame battery to the secondary battery seamlessly, ensuring your ride is uninterrupted.

You can easily charge the second battery on or off the bike. Both batteries must be charged separately. Simple DIY installation instructions will be available at the time of delivery. You can carry up to 25KG of cargo, giving you plenty of support for your next adventure. (The battery is 3KG, so if you have it installed, the capacity is 22KG)

Rear Rack and Battery included with purchase.

Regular price$799


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