Folding Electric Bikes

Being able to fold your bike to half it's size, makes your it an extremely versatile mode of transportation. A folding eBike is a good option when used in conjunction with some other form of transportation—a train, RV or even a boat—or if you have very limited storage space at your home or office.

A lightweight mid-drive folding eBike

Power - 350W / 70Nm Mid Drive

Range - Up to 45 miles

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Things to look for in a Folding Electric Bike

1. Do you actually need the bike to fold?

Will you be folding the bike regularly for storage? Do you need it to be compact to fit in your boat, RV or even airplane? It’s worth it to think through if a folding bike is really necessary for the way you want to use it or would a full-size eBike suit your needs?

2. Will it fold small enough for your desired application?

Measure your different storage and transport options to make sure it will really fit. Think about how you will get in the back of a vehicle, onto a boat or RV, carrying inside your work.

3. Does it fold easily and safely?

A good folding electric bike should store easily and securely. That is after all the point. Make sure the hinge doesn’t pinch any of the internal or external wires when closing and that it’s a smooth process.

4. Will the battery & motor be enough for you?

Since folding eBikes are smaller and lighter, that means your range and total power from the motor is less than a full-sized bike. Make sure the battery size is going to deliver the range you need and the motor can handle any hills that you might find along the way.

4. Is it low maintenance?

Make sure to understand the ongoing maintenance required for any bike you're interested in buying. A great feature to look for is the Gates Carbon Belt - Since it's a carbon belt drive it doesn’t need grease, doesn’t rust, and is virtually maintenance-free. Because it uses a carbon-reinforced belt, it will never stretch. That means less time fixing chain issues in your garage or at the bike shop and more time riding and enjoying your bike.

What are the Benefits of a Folding Bike?

Ease of transportation

Since your bike folds it’s easy to fit in your car or carry it on transit. You don’t need to worry about hitches or racks. This opens up new areas to ride as you aren’t limited to your immediate location. It also fits great in RV’s and boats.

Saves space & easy to store

It’s a great option whether you live in an apartment or just want more space in your garage. Since the bike folds it takes up less space than a full bike.

Security & peace of mind

Folding eBikes are great for commuting if you don’t want to lock your bike up outside. It’s much easier to take it inside with you, and avoid the stress of it being stolen while you're at work.

What are the disadvantages of folding eBikes?


Smaller wheels and a longer stem/seatpost can make for a less stable ride.


It’s a battle between weight and range. Bigger batteries give you more range but will add to the weight of the bike making it heavier to lift and carry.

How Heavy is a Folding eBike?

Weighing in at just 44lbs, Dash is the lightest Mid Drive electric bicycle available anywhere. It's compact, easy to transport fold, and comes with plenty of power & torque from the 350 Watt motor.

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