The EVELO Aurora SL

Aurora Limited Vs. Aurora SL

Both the Aurora Limited and Aurora SL feature a 750W Mid Drive Motor and Throttle, making them some of the most powerful cruisers available.

The Aurora SL includes a Chain drive vs a Belt with no sacrifice to reliability and performance. This requires occasional maintenance and lubrication.

Enviolo CVT gearing is featured on both the Aurora Limited and the SL, with the Aurora SL including a Manual grip shift on the handlebar.

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What's the difference between the Aurora SL and the Aurora Limited?

The Aurora SL features a chain drive and mechanical shifter, while the Aurora Limited has a gates belt drive and fully automatic shifting. Both models feature the same frame geometry and peripheral components.

What's the difference between the Aurora SL and the Aurora Sport?

The main difference is that the Aurora SL has a Mid Drive Motor and CVT gearing in the rear wheel, while the Aurora Sport has a rear hub motor, and a typical bicycle derailleur on the rear. The Aurora SL also has hydraulic brakes, and higher end components throughout. Overall the SL will require less maintenance and climb hills more effectively than the Sport, but the Sp

Is the Aurora SL a good choice for me?

The Aurora SL is a great choice for anyone interested in the Aurora Limited, but wants to be mindful of their budget. It has the same motor, battery, display panel - with the only differences being the chain drive and handlebar shifter.

Will I fit properly on the Aurora SL?

The Aurora is a good fit for a wide range of rider height, from 5'4" to 6'2". It's larger wheels and tires, and upright seating position are good for anyone looking for a powerful and sturdy riding experience.

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