What Style of Electric Bike is Right for Me?

What Style of Electric Bike is Right for Me?

In our next installment of our 3 Minute Electric Bike Video Series where we help demystify electric bikes we’re talking about what the right bike style is for you.

When considering what the right bike style is for you, there are three things to decide:

  • What is your preferred riding style?
  • What is your preferred riding position?
  • What is your preferred frame type?

When you think of your riding style, do you prefer to ride in traditional sense; where the seat is up a little bit higher and you are getting the most powerful pedal stroke. If not, do you want the seat a little bit lower so that you can reach the ground without dismounting the bike and be able to put your feet right on the ground. Consider which riding position feels more natural to you.

What is the right position for you? Do you prefer something more upright in a beach cruiser style? Do you prefer something sporty where you lean over riding a little more aggressively and putting more power into the pedals and being a little more aerodynamic. Which of these riding positions sound most comfortable to you?

And finally, what frame style is going to work best for you? There is the traditional frame style with the horizontal top two that connects the seat to the handlebars. Is that something that you like? Maybe you like the aesthetics or maybe it’s something that you find very comfortable to swing your leg up and over the bike to get on. Would you need a step through model bike with a frame design that’s cut and swept a little bit lower so you can easily step through the bike without swinging your leg up and over. This frame just makes it easier to get on and off great for people that have flexibility issues.

With those three things in mind, take a bike that you currently have access to and measure the distance from the top of the seat to the ground and also the top of the seat to the top of the pedal in its lowest riding position, you then have some measurements that you can communicate to the sales team and see what bikes they have in their line that might fit you.

Do you have any other suggestions for finding your perfect bicycle fit?