What Are The Advantages Of Electric Bike Transportation?

What Are The Advantages Of Electric Bike Transportation?

In this installment of the 3 Minute Electric Bike Video Series, Bill is talking about the economic and environmental advantages of electric bike transportation.

Fuel Cost

I think the most obvious thing is gas prices. They fluctuate a lot but even in today’s economy, a dollar is going to get you about a half a gallon of gas. That’s going to translate into about 10 miles of travel or maybe 20 if you have a really efficient car. So $1 equals 20 miles with a car. On a standard, kind of the benchmark 10 amp powered battery found on electric bikes, you can get 13 full charges on that battery for a $1. You can travel anywhere from 250 to 500 miles for that single $1. So clearly you are saving money if you are commuting on an electric bike.


Cleaner air is another reason to ride an electric bike. You are clearly just not polluting. You drive along; and this is especially important in urban areas that are densely populated with trucks and cars and all those things. One less car out on the road polluting the air is really great.

Noise Pollution-Free

Electric bikes are also really quiet. Now you might be thinking “oh gosh my car is pretty quiet”. The motor, yes; but the thing that’s nosiest about cars is actually their tires. Think about how far away you could hear the roar of the highway; that’s not the engines that you hear, it’s the tires rolling down the road. So you can really quiet down things if more people were to be riding electric bikes.

Free Parking

I love the fact that parking is free. You just roll up, lock to a bike rack, lock to a parking meter or whatever. You don’t have to circle the block looking for a parking garage; swipe your credit card, be shocked at the end how much it cost you to park; so really the parking is not only more convenient, but it is essentially free.

There are some economic advantages, there are some environmental advantages and electric bikes are just a great way to go.

What other advantages do you get with your electric bike?

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