Top places to ride your eBike in Texas

Top places to ride your eBike in Texas

Nothing compares with the simple pleasure of a bike ride on a fantastic evening within a serene environment, like Texas. And now that you got a new set of wheels waiting for you, you're probably wondering where to go. 

Texas is one of the best places to explore, thanks to an outstanding network of roads and great bike trails. There are a variety of terrains, whether you’re just beginning your hobby or want to up your skills. You're spoilt for choices, both in the urban or rural areas.

For instance, Texas has more bird species than the other states in the United States, so bird watchers have lots of opportunities. 

While there are unlimited places to explore, knowing where to go is a good idea to avoid feeling lost. It’s not easy to pick a route, but the worry is unnecessary.

This guide tells you about ten great places to ride your ebike in Texas. Let's dive in. 

Campion Trail

In Irving, Texas, Campion Trails is one of the best places to launch your outdoor journey. It's a scenic, 22-mile greenbelt with expansive river views and a diverse blend of natural and modern views. 

It's an excellent place for bird watching with panoramic views of wildflowers and trees.

Whether raining or shining, you'll have an easy time since the paths here are paved for easy riding in all weather.

What's more? The wide and flat pavements allow bikers to enjoy group rides as they explore the panoramic landscape.

Plus, you can take your pup with you as long as it's on a leash.

Historic Battlefield Trail

Located in Brownsville, Texas, the Historical battlefield trail is a ten-mile multi-use trail that starts in the heart of Brownsville. It runs through Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park to Los Fresnos.

This is an exciting place to learn American history, including the Mexican-American Battle. As you cycle through, you can stop over to enjoy some of the city's historical buildings and other attractions like art museums. You can enjoy nature and scenery, makings Brownsville a unique place to explore.

The Battlefield trail forms part of the CaraCara Trails connecting miles of bike and hike trails. If you're living in Cameron county, these routes can provide fun ways to explore with your bike and help you stay active.

Lake Mineral Wells State Trail

Lake Mineral Wells State Trail is located West of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, starting with a 2 miles trail paved with asphalt and 18 miles of finely ground limestone route. 

It is a 20 miles long, rural pathway with gentle curves safe for all skills and ages. On the trail's west end, Trailway’s 500-foot signature bridge allows safe travel over the U.S. Highway 180.

After the bridge, you can access Lake Minerals Wells Park, where more trails lead to a lake, campsites, and a rock climbing area. As you pedal through the woodland, you might spot the cottontail fox, coyotes, and even some turtles, so lookout.

Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail

In the center of Austin, you’ll find the Ann and Roy Butler trail. Here the path leads to the beautiful scenery around Lady Bird Lake, a reservoir at the Colorado River.

You'll find two vast recreation centers on both ends of the track: Guerrero Park on the east and Zilker Park on the west. The shadowy tree-lined roadway leads you to the beaches of Lamar and Waller. 

This leafy biking trail traverses the Congress Avenue Bridge hosting America's most enormous bat population. During Spring and Fall, you can see bats emerge from beneath the bridge in a huge cloud, and you'll find hundreds of them pouring out and descending over Lady Bird Lake.

Angel of Goliad Hike and Bike Trail 

Within its 2 miles, the Angel of Goliad Hike and Bike Trail traverses across breathtaking scenes, with a woody park and historical sites. 

Texas's most important historical sites and natural treasures include the Mission Espiritu Santo, the Goliad State Park, and the Presidio La Bahía. 

At first, you'll see the Angel of Goliad statue that honors Francisca ‘Panchita’ Alavez, a heroine who saved twenty lives during the Goliad Massacre in 1936. Close to the figure, you'll find the Fannin Memorial Monument in honor of an army colonel who died in that massacre.

Branch River Park is at the trail's end, a haven for nature lovers, bird watchers, and some great photography with your family.

Brays Bayou Greenways

Houston is home to an expansive network of comfortable bike tracks and trails. This allows pedestrians to explore the area without the chaos of car traffic, giving you a hassle-free ride.

If you're living in Houston, you have more than 30 miles of green space and bike trails leading to unique places, including MacGregor Park, Hermann Park, zoo, and stadia.

On either side of the Bayou, Houston's most extensive pedestrian bridges are the Mason park and the Bill Coates Bridge in Hermann Park. If you're living near Hermann Park, you have the opportunity to visit The Museum District, where there are dozens of museums. 

There are also cultural galleries to enjoy and learn, especially if you're riding with your family or friends. 

Azalea Trail

Lufkin Azalea Trail is a 2-mile nature trail running from Grace Dunne Richardson Park to Kiwanis Park. You can have glimpses of nature as you follow the trail through Hurricane Creek to the heart of Lufkin in Texas city. 

There are various native plants, miniature gardens of azaleas, ornamental grasses, and various bird species to see as you cycle through the trail.

The Azalea joins the tree-filled Kiwanis park on the north end with its exquisite disc golf course and picnic spots if you need to refresh with family or friends. The Grace Dunnes Richardson Park on the south end offers you enjoyment opportunities for sports, including volleyball courts and basketball.

San Antonio River Trail

You enjoy several miles of green foliage, charming waterfalls, and exotic flowers on this trail. It stretches from the San Antonio zoo at Brackenridge Park in the north to San Antonio Missions National Historical Park in the south.

The trail runs along the river on both ends as you fan out through the lush parks and urban neighborhoods. Mountain bikers seeking adventure can explore several miles of multi-use and single-track trails. You’ll enjoy various art venues, including the Blue Star Arts Complex and Pearl Brewery. 

As you move south toward the end is the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. It's a fantastic destination that allows you to learn about Spanish frontier missions, including Mission Espada. 

Denton Branch Rail Trail

The Denton Branch Rail Trail is a 12mile long paved trail that runs parallel to the existing Railroad line connecting Denton and Lewisville In North Central Texas.

The entire route is paved and goes through rural and urban communities, including Corinth, Lake Dallas, and Hickory Creek.

You'll come across a Z crossing fencing, a safety feature for you to dismount, look both ways, and walk your bike across the rail tracks.

Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail

This is among the most popular trails in Texas, with a network of asphalt and dirt trails. The paved pathways are 10 feet wide and don't have trees. 

The dirt trails cut through a dense forest along the bayou.

Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail extends over 11 miles from loop eight to George Bush Park, situated along Buffalo Bayou. It is well shaded, making it suitable for the hotter months in Texas. This trail serves as a critical community connection since it passes through various neighborhoods bordering the park.

Wrapping Up

Without a doubt, Texas can be a great place to walk, ride or drive. As the second-largest state in the U.S., it has dramatic diversity in the scenery.

Texas will offer you an unmatched world of fun with its breathtaking countryside, pristine parks, and lush mountains. Everyone is looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

Remember that when making a left turn, the authorities allow electric bikes on all roadways as far right as possible. You can also ride on bike paths and trails unless indicated otherwise. 

Enjoy the splendid landscapes by getting your bike out. Invest in an ebike today from Evelo and spend more time having fun. Our bikes exceed the comfort and safety expectations in the market. Visit us today and acquire your bike today. Happy biking!

Top places to ride your ebike in Texas