Conquer Every Obstacle with Your Electric Bike

Conquer Every Obstacle with Your Electric Bike

When you’re riding your EVELO, there’s no mountain too tall, no ride too long, nor obstacle too daunting.

From City to Mountain and Back Again

No matter where you want to go, you can get there with your EVELO. From long stretches of road to challenging natural terrain, your electric bicycle means that there’s no route that’ll hold you back.

Take the Aurora, for example. With its powerful front suspension and cross-over frame, you know it means business. Whether you’ve got to deal with man-eating potholes or a dirt path down a mountain, this bike can take a licking and keep on kicking.

EVELO bicycles are built tough, so you can get wherever you’re trying to go without worrying about your ride. And with the reassurances that come from up to 60 miles of electric power, you don’t have to worry about your legs either – if you can get there, your EVELO can get you back!

Kick Your Commute’s Butt

Sometimes obstacles aren’t just physical, they can be mental too. Take your commute – sitting in endless traffic, worrying about its health toll, and wishing for a better way. With an electric bicycle, that alternative is not only better, it’s easier!

Take a slick city bike like our Orion. Not only will its good looks get you envious stares from friends and coworkers, but its powerful mid-drive motor will get you to work in the least stressful way possible: fresh air kissing your face, the sights and sounds of your town surrounding you, and the cool breeze racing against you as you power your way forward. And for those lucky enough to have finished their commuting days, those benefits are even more fantastic when your ride is taking you to errands around town, your friend or family’s house, or whatever destination has suddenly popped into mind.

Just The Facts

Whimsy aside, riding an EVELO just makes sense. With up to 60 miles in electric-assist mode, or 40 miles when not pedaling, your EVELO will get you wherever you’re going.

Some discount ebikes might not cut it, but EVELOs come with up to 500 watts of power. That means no matter how steep the hill is, your powerful bike will get you to the top. And with up to 25 miles per hour of cruising speed, you can get where you want fast!

So stop waiting, and find the EVELO that’s right for you.

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