10 Reasons Why Electric Bikes and RVs Are a Perfect Match

10 Reasons Why Electric Bikes and RVs Are a Perfect Match

It’s no secret that RVers are adventurous folks, always looking for a great new way to explore our country, see its many beautiful sights, and come up with fun and innovative ways to travel. What some RV fans might not know is that there’s another vehicle, of sorts, that also fits the bill: electric bicycles. In fact, we think that RVs and eBikes are the perfect complement for one another, a real match made in recreational heaven.

So, are you curious to know why these are such a perfect pairing? Well, whether you own your RV or rent it from a service like RVshare, these top 10 reasons should have you convinced that adding an electric bike to your RV adventure is fun, practical, affordable, and healthy!

They’re Fun

Remember how much fun you used to have riding your bicycle? Well, whether you’ve stayed an active biker, or have gotten a bit rusty over the past few years, an electric bike will get you back biking again, and having all the fun you once had as a kid.

Electric bikes let you either cruise just on battery power, or give you a slight electric boost as you pedal along. This lets you get back into all the fun of biking without worry about getting too tired, or wobbling as you relearn to ride, or getting sweaty when you encounter hills. And with your battery boosting you, top electric bikes will let you cruise along at 25 to 30 miles per hour. Suddenly, you’ll feel like a kid again – a kid with a fancy new electric bike!

Huge Health Benefits

As you age, staying healthy can become more and more of a challenge. Those that spend a lot of time in their RV know just how valuable stretching your legs can be. With an electric bike, you’ll more than stretch those legs; you’ll engage them in an enjoyable workout that’s high in healthy cardio and low in dangerous impact.

By getting your legs kicking and your heart pumping, you’re staving off heart disease and other ailments, all while getting to see the fun sights that surround your latest camper destination. And with an electric bike, you can pedal as hard and fast as you want, assuredly knowing that if you get too tired, you can complete your workout by smoothly sailing back to your RV on the power of your electric motor alone.

See More Sights

Say you’ve parked your RV in some beautiful state or national park. Once you’re there, you’ll have endless sights to explore. But, like everyone else, you might be limited by your legs. After all, you can only hike so many miles in a given day. Or, if there’s a trail or landmark somewhere else in the area, you have to either deal with moving your entire RV, or unhitching a car you might be towing with you.

With an electric bike, you can kiss those limitations goodbye. Anywhere in the park or reserve you want to get to – just hop on your ebike and you’re there. With up to a 60 mile range per charge, you’ll be able to zip to the location and back with ease. And instead of plodding along a trail at 3 miles per hour, you can zoom along any bike-rated trail many times faster.

Or Get to Town

Just as an electric bike gives you more access to nature, parks, and reserves, you’ll find they make running errands in town dramatically easier as well. Ask yourself, is there anything worse than crawling through city traffic in your RV, or trying to park a trailer in front of a store?

Electric bikes make running errands a breeze. Instead of sitting in traffic, you’ll be zipping past cars with a smile on your face. Instead of dealing with parking nightmares, you can simply lock your bike up to the store, and walk right in. And while you might not use an electric bike to shop for a new barbeque grill, with the right panniers equipped, you can more than haul the week’s grocery items back home with you.

Easy to Tow

For those not familiar with electric bicycles, you might not know just how convenient they are. A modern electric bike is the exact same size as a non-electric bicycle, and only a few pounds heavier. This means that anywhere you could store a normal bike, you could store an electric one as well.

One common option is to put a rack on the back of your RV or on top of your car. But given just how nimble these bikes are, our own preference is to store the bike inside of the RV or trailer. That way as soon as you get to your destination, you can pull the bike out and start having fun. Talk about convenient!

Easy to Charge

Just as electric bikes are easy to tow, they’re super easy to recharge as well. Thoughtfully designed ebikes can recharge in just a few hours, while also containing smart electronics that make it equally safe to “set it and forget it” by leaving the bike plugged in overnight.

With efficient designs, new ebikes really just sip power, meaning you can charge them almost anywhere for just a few pennies. Plug them into your RV’s outlets, run them off a lightweight generator, or just find a standard power plug at your hitch sight. Whatever the location, you’ll find it super easy to juice up your new electric bicycle.

Amazing Reliability

Some RVers used to bringing ATVs or motocross bikes with them might assume that any vehicle that’s tagging along with their camper is just an added hassle. But while your Gator might take a grease monkey’s sweat to keep running, an electric bike is anything but troublesome!

New electric bikes are often powered by a mid-drive motor, meaning all the electrical components are kept in one centrally located part, which can be removed with just two bolts. Flat tires and tune-ups are handled just as easily as on a standard bike. And if there’s ever anything you don’t want to deal with using your own two hands, any bike shop the world over should be able to take care of it for you in just a few minutes. Given that most leading manufacturers’ bikes come with one year to 18 month warranties, you’ll sleep easy knowing that any issue, however rare, won’t be affecting your pocketbook.

Fun for the Whole Family

No matter how big your camping crew is, an electric bike (or bikes) will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. If your kids kick butt on regular old mountain bikes, an ebike will help mom and pop keep up with them, and maybe even show them a new thing or two.

Or maybe your RVing adventures are for just husband and wife. Well, now the two of you can cruise through the beautiful countryside, wind whipping past you, on all sorts of trails of your choosing. Few things are quite as romantic as bike riding, and with an electric bike, you don’t even have to worry about one of you going further than the other has the strength for, or even pesky things like getting too sweaty.

Great at Home Too

While some of us are lucky enough to spend every day exploring the country in a recreational vehicle, many of us can only do it part time. The rest of the year, we’re back at our homes, whether in the cities or the suburbs, or maybe even in the countryside. But while your RVing days might not be year-round, your electric cycling days can be.

Because once you get home, you can take that bike right out of the camper, and just keep on using it. Hop on it for trips to the store. Take it to your favorite bike path or trail down by the park. Ride it to your friend’s house a few miles away. No matter what the occasion, your electric bike will make it more convenient and fun.

Best of All – They’re Affordable

Evelo-2Now, given all these amazing perks and benefits, you might think that an electric bicycle is going to cost you a pretty penny. A few years ago, you would have been absolutely right. But the fact is, electric bikes have become more and more popular, and there are now hundreds of millions of them in use the world over.

Because of this, prices have dropped substantially. You could head to your local sporting good store, or even a Target or Walmart, and see dozens of models, many considerably under $1,000. But in our opinion, it’s worth spending a little bit more to get a real electric bicycle, and not one that’s an unreliable toy. Industry leading brands like EVELO start at around $2,000, but can be affordably had for less than $200 per month thanks to 0% financing.

Two grand certainly isn’t money to be flip about, but an electric bike isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment. Think of all the gas money you’ll save by making errands on your bike and not lugging the whole RV around. Think of all the health benefits of getting out and about more. Think of the extra quality time around all this country’s beautiful sights. And when you get a top of the line electric bike, you’re getting one that’s lightweight, easy to work with, and has a reliable warranty. No wonder they’re so popular with RV enthusiasts!

So, if you’ve already got an ebike, be sure to check out our friends at RVshare. And if it’s the bike you still need, well why not check out the broad selection of EVELOs. Either way, you’re about to have an amazing adventure!

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