North Dakota State Electric Bike Laws

North Dakota State Electric Bike Laws

How does North Dakota define what an electric bike is?

The state of North Dakota (ND) defines as bicycle any device propelled solely by human power upon which any person may ride, having two tandem wheels either of which is more than twenty inches [50.8 centimeters] in diameter or two parallel wheels and one forward or rearward wheel. The term now includes electric bicycles too.

Do you need a license, insurance or registration in North Dakota?

The state of North Dakota does not allow registration of electric bikes. However, it does require a valid driver's license. 

What are the restrictions on Motor power or throttle in North Dakota?

According to the state of North Dakota, an electric bike is equipped with a motor of less than 500W and does not exceed a speed of 30mph on level surface.

Are there any age restrictions to riding an electric bike in North Dakota?

Riders must be at least 14 years of age.

What are the laws around helmets in North Dakota?

Helmets are required for all riders under the age of 18.

What are the rules for riding on the road in North Dakota?

Electric bicycles are permitted to ride on all public highways and roadways, in bike lanes and on bike paths.


Laws and policies can change at any time rendering the above information outdated and non-applicable. EVELO strongly encourages checking with City, County, State and other local agencies for the most recent laws governing the proper, legal use of electric bicycles in your area.


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North Dakota State Electric Bike Laws