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The perfect blend of power, comfort, and performance.

The EVELO Delta X has it all - an artful combination of trail bike power and handling with city bike utility. A 750W mid-drive motor combined with a smooth, gearless Enviolo CVT transmission makes it one of the most powerful electric bikes on the road. A durable cargo rack, plus-sized all-purpose tires, lights, and full fenders add refinement and convenience.


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Delta X Features

Double Your Riding Range with the Delta X Duo - Dual Battery System

Go the extra mile with EVELO’s top-tier Li-ion cell technology. Our large semi-integrated frame battery offers extended range, and is easily removed for charging on or off your bicycle. With short charge times and up to 45 miles of range with our standard battery, or double your range up to 80 miles with our Extended Range Delta X, which adds an additional Pre-Installed 11.6AH Battery on the rear rack.

3x the power of other eBikes

The Delta X features a 750W Mid Drive motor with a whopping 120Nm of torque. This is well over 3x the power from other mid drive systems on the market. Tone it down and ride the Delta X like a regular bike, knowing you have the ability to turn the power all the way up, and leave the competition in the dust. Adjust the speed limit and slide off the throttle assembly and you now have a Class 3 eBike with a top speed over 28mph.

No clunky gear shifts and the most torque possible

Enviolo Continuously Variable Transmissions are powered by NuVinci technology, and offer the absolute smoothest shifting experience possible, with no moving external parts. The amount of torque from the Delta X is impressive, and we need an equally matched gearing system to handle the power. The Enviolo CVT has a less than 1% failure rate on all EVELO models. It’s proven itself to be reliable year after year, mile after mile.


Easy Assembly

It arrives almost fully assembled (95%), so you can be riding in no time!



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Product Specifications



Recommended Rider Heights

5'6" - 6'2"

Seat to Ground (Lowest / Highest)

33" / 41"

Distance from the top of the saddle to the pedal, with the pedal in the most downward position.

Standover height is the distance from the ground to the middle of the top tube with the traditional diamond frame, and from the ground to the mid-length of the middle of the tube with the step-through frame design.

We define reach as a distance from the middle of the saddle to the handlebar grips. The reach measures how far you need to lean to "reach" the handlebar.

Bike Components


Custom 750W Bafang Mid-drive Brushless Motor, 48V, 120 N.m Torque


Lithium-Ion 48V11.6Ah with Advanced Battery Management Software, Downtube Mounted


48V Smart Charger

Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

20 Miles per Hour (Can be Increased to 28+ mph Maximum in Off-road Mode)


Up to 45 Miles on Pedal-Assist. Range Depends on Pedaling Levels, Speed, and Terrain. Off-Road Range is Less.

Electric Assist

Multiple Levels, Plus Electric-Only (via Throttle)


Hydroformed 6061 High-Strength Aluminum Alloy with Semi-Integrated Battery Design


SR Suntour XCM with 15mm thru axle.


36H 45mm wide Double Wall Alloy Rims with 13g Spokes


Schwalbe 27.5 x 2.80 Super Moto-X with a GreenGuard Puncture Protection Layer Under the Thread


Tektro Hydraulic, 180mm rotor, Brake Cut-off Switches


Selle Royal Astro


FSA 740mm with 38mm Rise


Nuvinci® N380 Continuous Variable Transmission


NuVinci® C8 Cable Actuated


VP-565 with Metal Inserts


Fully Integrated Aluminum Headlight with Cree LED, Tobest EB04 Rear Tail Lamp


Multi-Color 3.2” IPS Display with USB Charger (DPC-18)


All Terrain Front and Rear Fenders

Rear Rack

High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Cargo Rack, 45 lbs Weight Capacity

Bicycle Weight (without battery)


59.7 Lbs.

Integrated Rear Mount

Battery Weight

6.5 lbs

Maximum Rider Weight

Recommended for riders up to 350 lbs. Larger riders can be accommodated – contact us for details.

Rider Position

Balanced Position

A balanced position means you will be leaning slightly forward, with your weight balanced between your hands and the saddle. It gives you a sportier, more agile handling, with a comfortable ride and no strain on your lower back.

What The Experts Say

"...really packs a punch"

-Electric Bike Report

Delta X

"I have not experienced this level of power on any other Class 2 electric bike" - Electric Bike Review

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Super Happy with my purchase!

I searched for over 8 months on different E-bikes. I’ve researched so many different brands, watched reviews, and I kept coming back to Evelo. I originally wanted to purchase the Aries Mid-Drive, but taking my time researching, they discontinued that model. I really wanted a mid-drive motor, so after talking with Evelo’s support numerous times, I was sold on the DeltaX, even though it was more expensive than what I was planning for, I was assured it was more of a mountain bike than the Aries.
I have put more than 80 miles on it in 5 days, with a smile to go along with every one of those miles.
My first ride was local and just getting accustomed to the bike.
The next day I went 12.67 miles, with an elevation gain of over 1700ft. The battery was drained, but I still had 5% left and pedal assist was still working.
The Nuvinci shifter is amazing, seamless, smooth and unlike anything I have ever used. The motor gives ample amounts of power while pedaling, and plenty to push you when your legs are tired!
The bike seems very well made, sturdy and built to last!
The Cons:
No screws for a water bottle holder. I’m still figuring out a work-around for that. I know it’s not a big deal.
The factory seat (not being used to riding bikes regularly) felt like something out of the 1500’s torture chamber. I replaced it the second day. Thankfully, Evelo was still honoring their seat guarantee at the time and it cost me $0 in the long run.
I would like to see a more aggressive tire tread, although I understand a good number use this as a commuter bike.
Overall, I’m very pleased with this bike and would purchase again.
Evelo’s customer support is second to none. Anytime I’ve requested info or help, they respond quickly, and also with a detailed answer, with a clear explanation, not just a one sentence reply.
I truly enjoy my purchase and I look forward to many years of riding!

Excellent customer service and quality ebikes!

From the first time that I spoke to an Evelo representative clear through the purchase process, Evelo customer support is outstanding! I have never experienced such a high level of customer support anywhere. I purchased the Aurora for my wife and the Delta X for me. My wife loves the step through frame on the Aurora and the automatic shifting. I love the power and speed that the Delta X offers. Both bikes are very high quality and built to last. Our first real test of the bikes was in St. George Utah. We took the bikes up Snow canyon and had the time of our lives! After 18 miles and 1050 feet of elevation gain both bikes had battery life to spare. We rode in a group of 6 riders all on ebikes. Our two bikes were the most comfortable and easily the fastest bikes of the six. When we traded off with the other riders we were very surprised at the difference in comfort and power assist. We had to work a lot harder to keep up with the Evelo bikes and when we finally rotated back to our bikes my backside gave a great sigh of relief. After months of research, test riding over 20 different brands and asking a lot of questions we settled on the Evelo bikes. With the 21 day money back guarantee we were very comfortable that if we didn't like the bikes we could send them back for a full refund. Sending the bikes back was never an option once we rode them and experienced the quality, comfortable and very powerful ride that both the Aurora and Delta X provide.


A great dependable bike. Fun to ride. Use my bike exclusively to patrol, as a volunteer Watch Officer, a national park. Most weeks I average over 100 miles of use. It is exceeds my expectations, including the test against the Park’s very steep hills.
The few challenges encountered have been well and timely supported by the EVELO Team. Great warranty support, always within 24 hours.
My greatest concern has been battery-life. I now use two batteries to accomplish duty-tour. Note I have the bike loaded with about 20 lbs of accessories, and saddle bags with tools, water, first aid kits, etc. And too lots of steep hills in the park.
Really like this bike and am happy I paid for a quality bike, with great warranty and superb timely support.

My Delta X—The First 90 Days

First, I have to say that customer support after a purchase is as important to me as the product or service itself. Evelo’s support team has exceeded my very high expectations—always answering my multitude of questions within 24 hours. Now, about the product—it is a blast and it has gotten this 60-year old, 275 pound butt out of the chair and out into the beautiful New Mexico outdoors. Like many other reviews have stated, I’ve ridden more miles in the last 90 days than I have in the last 30 years, thanks in large part to the sturdy mid-drive motor, the various PAS levels, and the demonstrated 25-30 miles on a “tank” which is about all my keester can handle. Make no mistake, this is a big, heavy bike—it’s not for the weak or meek, and getting it up onto a vehicle bike carrier is no small task. I’ve outfitted the bike with new handlebar grips, rear view mirrors, rear pannier bag, phone and water bottle holders, and a much softer wider seat (more kudos to Evelo for their seat replacement program). My only minor negative comment about the bike as delivered is that the pictures on the website did not match the product I received—specifically the lack of water bottle holder bosses on the main down post which showed in the pictures but were not on the product. During the 862 miles I have ridden thus far, I’ve had five flat tires, two front and three rear. I know I live and ride in goat head country, I but I guess I expected the factory tires to be more puncture-resistant. I’ve replaced three and a bike shop replaced two while adding tire liners to both tires...that was two flats ago. As I write this, the bike is on its back again with the tires up in the air like a dying cockroach, waiting for a new set of tubeless tires which will be professionally installed and will hopefully alleviate most of the tiny punctures that are now cutting many rides short. Bottom line—a fantastic bike that’s loads of fun to ride. It’s great exercise, yet provides just the right amount of “help” whenever needed. The CVT is absolutely awesome, and with the 750 watt motor, provides really smooth shifting and plenty of power. It is a big investment, but if one is committed to get on it and ride it often, it is well worth it!

Old Mans Review

I really enjoy my DeltaX. At my age 76 a step through might have been a little easier but I get along fine. If dogs chase me I out run them🤣


Is the Delta X a good choice for me?

The Delta X is great for anyone with the need for speed, or looking for as much power as legally possible to operate on public roads. It can certainly be toned down a bit if you prefer, and is ready for any kind of Urban, Suburban, Rural, or Off-Road terrain right out of the box.

Does the Delta X have enough power for my terrain?

Absolutely. 120Nm of torque converts to just over 81lb-ft of torque, which is more than a small Volkswagen. We have a number of customers using this model for true adventures, with tents, trailers, solar panels, spare batteries, and climbing thousands of feet in elevation per day. In its lowest gear, the Delta X can climb anything in its path - hold on tight.

Will I fit properly on the Delta X?

The Delta X features a Compact frame design, meaning it offer the benefits of a traditional triangle frame design (rigidity and strength) while featuring a sloping top tube to fit a wider range of riders. Shorter riders rejoice - the Delta X can work! Double check the sizing specs above, and we recommend comparing those measurements to an existing bike you have access too to provide a frame of reference.

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