Ride Effortlessly & Don't Get Tired

With an EVELO Electric Bicycle, your riding will be worry-free, and the only limit to your journey is your imagination.

Get Up and Go

EVELO Electric Bicycles are known for their electrifying power. That means as soon as you hop on your bike, you’ll be ready to cruise to your destination. If you’re feeling adventurous, that means a pleasant work-out where your legs spin in beautiful circles, getting you to your destination while burning calories, and enjoying the sights and sounds of your bike path. Should you see a hill ahead, consider activating pedal assistance - where the bike works with you, getting you where you want even faster and easier. For those times when you’re feeling a tad tired, you’ve got no reason to worry. Simply crank the throttle and take full advantage of your EVELO’s “electric only” mode. The motor will whir silently, and you’ll be zipping along at up to 25 miles per hour to the destination of your choosing.

Worry Free Riding

The beauty of EVELO’s three options is that you’ll never have to worry while biking ever again. When you pick a trail or destination, you can confidently start off, knowing that should you start to get a little tired (or see an unanticipated hill or detour) you’re not limited by fatigue - instead you can power forward with up to 60 miles of electrically assisted range. In fact, the ease of an EVELO goes beyond its electric boost - everything about the bicycles is easy. From our Love at First Ride Guarantee, to our famously easy usage and maintenance, riding an EVELO will truly make you feel like a kid again: a kid with an amazing new bicycle. This means that our dedicated team is here for you, even long after you’ve made your purchase. Whether it’s questions, help with a tune-up, or making an upgrade, our friendly and courteous staff is available within 24 hours. If you want to get one of us on the phone to talk about bikes, we’ll always be happy to chat - no call centers halfway across the globe here!

Never Get Tired

We’ve heard from countless customers who said they had always wanted to ride to work, or use a bike to run errands, but were just too worried about showing up sweaty or out of breath. With an ebike, that’s never a worry, so you can hop on your EVELO and get going while everyone else is sitting in miserable traffic. Whether you’re helping to pedal or cruising just on electric power, you won’t break into a sweat or find yourself huffing-and-puffing. Instead, you’ll get where you’re going in the most enjoyable way imaginable. The best part is, there’s a perfect EVELO for each and every rider. From the powerful Aries, to the easygoing Aurora, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with one of our many bicycle models.


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