Commute & Run Errands Without Breaking a Sweat

Never worry about parking, gas, traffic, or even getting sweaty, when you navigate your neighborhood on your new EVELO.

Leave Your Car Behind

At EVELO, we’re all about choice. Sometimes, cars be absolutely wonderful. There are some journeys, like a cross-country road trip, where only an automobile will do. But the fact is, there are many types of trips where not only is a car not necessary, it might actually be making things more difficult for you. Much as it wouldn’t make sense to fly a plane to work every day, there are a number of times it might not make sense to take your car somewhere. Obviously you wouldn’t want to drive to your neighbor’s house across the street. But beyond that obvious example, for many journeys around town, a bike is not only going to be more convenient - it’ll be more fun, less expensive, and way better for you.

The Math Adds Up

Nowadays, it seems like the price of gas is always in flux. One month it might cost $2.50 a gallon, the next month it’s seemingly doubled. All that means that when things get really bad, you might be spending $10 on gas just to run a day’s errands around town. Next, think about how much parking costs - a few bucks here, a few bucks there. Add in the occasional ticket (oof!), maintenance, depreciation, and all of a sudden we’re talking some serious money, just to visit your friends, pick up a couple veggies at the market, or to get to your office. On a electric bike - all that money goes back in your pocket. When you’re feeling energetic and do all the pedaling yourself, those errands cost a whopping ZERO DOLLARS. But even if you kick on the motor, you’re still only spending a couple of pennies. In fact, completely recharging an EVELO’s battery only costs about 8 cents. That means that for only a buck, you can recharge the battery 13 times! And those 13 charges guarantee you hundreds and hundreds of miles of riding. Considering that a dollar doesn’t even get you a half a gallon of gas these days, you definitely wouldn’t be going anywhere near that far in your car.

It’s So Easy

Not only is using your bike inexpensive, it’s easy and fun as well. Instead of sitting in gridlock, you’ll be getting there before everyone else. And while drivers fight for a spot and worry about parallel parking, you can simply lock your bike in front of your office or local store, and head right in. The best part is, since your EVELO is electrically powered, you don’t even have to worry about getting tired or sweaty. Pump your legs when you’re feeling like burning a few calories, and then the rest of the time let the motor do the work for you. With up to 60 miles available per charge, there’s no route too long; with up to 500 watts of power, there’s no hill too steep. And with traffic and gas worries a thing of the past, it’s clear an EVELO electric bike isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment. So invest in your health, wealth, and wellbeing today: check out the latest lineup of EVELO Electric Bicycles.


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