EVELO Compass vs. RadTrike

Compare the EVELO Compass Tricycle to the RadPower RadTrike

Rear Wheel Drive Vs. Front Wheel Drive

Understanding the difference between front wheel drive and rear wheel drive is especially important. With cars, front wheel drive offers more traction in most situations.

With bicycles - the opposite is true. Rear wheel drive offers greater traction, especially on wet roads, sandy patches, or leaves on the road.

RadTrike - Smaller Wheels

The RadTrike has smaller wheels and tires than the EVELO Compass. Larger wheels offer a faster, smoother ride, and significantly increased stability. This is why you'll find that most adult bikes and tricycles have a wheel size of 24" or above.

EVELO Compass - 3 Speed Gearing

The EVELO Compass offers a 3 speed Nexus shifter, which offers flexibility while riding, and allows you to get the most out of the power coming from the Mid Drive Motor.

Since the RadTrike is a Hub motor, gearing isn't quite as important, so they've opted for a less expensive single speed drivetrain with no gears

RadTrike - Hub Motor

Hub Motors are less expensive to produce but offer less power, and don't take advantage of the gearing. On a tricycle, it's not possible to mount a hub motor in the rear, so the RadTrike features a front wheel drive hub motor, which can "peel out" in slippery conditions. Click below to learn more about Hub Drive vs. Mid Drive Motors.

EVELO Compass - 5lbs Lighter

Tricycles are bigger and heavier than regular bikes, but even with larger wheels, a full size frame, and a Mid Drive motor system, the Compass weighs in at 77lbs, compared to 82lbs of the RadTrike.

RadTrike - Lower Power & Range

The Radtrike features a front wheel drive Hub Motor system producing 80Nm of torque, while the Mid Drive Motor on the Compass produces 105Nm. More torque means more power to the ground. Wattage ratings can be misleading, especially when comparing Mid Drive motors to Hub Drive systems. RadTrike offers 55 miles of range, while the EVELO Compass offers up to 80.

EVELO Compass - Rear Differential

Rear Wheel Drive is preferred for tricycles. The Compass takes it one step further by offering 2 Wheel RWD - meaning the power from the motor goes equally trough both rear wheels.

This means more stability, traction, and safety during your ride, regardless of the terrain.

The EVELO Difference

With our 21 Day Trial period, 4-Year, 20,000 Mile Warranty, and knowledgeable customer support staff, EVELO makes it as risk free as possible to get riding an electric tricycle. We offer fully assembled LTL shipping for all Compass tricycles. Right to your door and no assembly required.

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The safety and stability of a tricycle

Power - 500w / 105Nm Mid Drive

Range - Up to 80 miles

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