Electric Trikes for Adults

Electric tricycles are a great option for riders who want extra stability or are looking to carry a little more cargo. Combining comfort and stability allows riders with mobility or balance issues to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

The safety and stability of a tricycle

Power - 500w / 105Nm Mid Drive

Range - Up to 80 miles

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What to look for in an Electric Trike

If you are looking to buy an electric tricycle then be sure to consider these things before you buy.

1. Stable frame & low step-through height

You want to make sure that your electric trike is easy to get on and off. A low step through height helps as you don't need to swing your leg over a high cross bar. At the same time you want to ensure the bike is stable while you get on. Look for a bike that can lock the brakes so there is no movement on the bike that you don't want.

2. Two Wheel Drive

Two wheel drive makes turning corners safer. Traction is important on tricycles, since the weight of the rider is distributed between three wheels, there is less weight on each wheel. Front wheel drive trikes tend to peel out in loose terrain or wet roads, as do one wheel rear drive tricycles. The Compass has true two wheel drive, with the power from the mid drive motor going equally to both rear wheels.

This means more traction, safer turning, and a more stable ride overall.

3. Solid Range & Power

Any electric tricycle needs to have the range to handle your chosen activities. Look for a trike that has a dual battery system so your never concerned about being stranded. Since electric trikes can haul more stuff, you need a motor of at least 500w to get you up any hills in your neighbourhood.

Why your Electric Trike needs a differential?

A differential allows each of an electric trike’s rear wheels to turn independently, improving cornering significantly. An electric trike with a differential will accelerate, corner, and brake more safely and predictably than other electric trikes.

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How easy is it to ride an electric trike?

Riding an electric tricycle can some time to get used to, as trikes are different than two-wheel bikes.

The main difference is on a two-wheel bike, you lean into the turns (even if you don’t think about it, it's instinctive).

However, on a trike you have to lean away from the turn. Leaning away from the turn increases stability – but it takes a ride or two to get used to.

We recommend riders try riding any trike on a low-level of assist the first time and get accustomed to feel while riding.

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