Enviolo CVT Drivetrain

The Enviolo continuously variable transmission (CVT) is a revolutionary bike technology that completely eliminates the need to deal with complicated gearing systems and unsightly derailleurs. The entire system is enclosed in the rear wheel and requires absolutely no maintenance or lubrication, and is the perfect solution for EVELO Mid Drive Electric Bicycles. Shifting is smooth, seamless, and the easiest to operate shifter available.

What are the Benefits of the Enviolo CVT drivetrain?

Long Term Reliability

Since the whole mechanism is self-contained, no maintenance or adjustments are necessary. The Enviolo CVT is a sealed unit, and requires no lubrication. It’s also our most reliable gearing system to date, with less than a 1% warranty replacement rate. The Enviolo hub is also used on a variety of commercial bike share applications worldwide, and has repeatedly proven itself to be the best solution available. The entire Enviolo CVT system is covered under our 4 year 20,000 mile warranty.

The Right Gear Every Time

The Enviolo CVT is powered by NuVinci technology, and is a true Continuously Variable Transmission. This means there are no “steps” or indexing between gears like a regular bike, so you can easily shift from a lower to higher gear by twisting the shifter at any time while riding. For Harmony Automatic equipped models, the computer can do all of the shifting for you, so no rider input is required at all. This is great for folks who haven’t been on a bike in a while. Models equipped with the Automatic transmission also offer manual shifting - you can switch back and forth as you ride.

Change gears at any time

With a regular bike derailleur handling things, you need to plan to be starting in the proper gear from a stop. Since the Enviolo® CVT drivetrain lets you switch gears while you are stopped, there is no need to plan ahead of a stop or struggle through a start in the wrong gear. Just twist the shifter to the gear you need, whether you are zipping along or completely still.

Smooth & Silent Shifting

You know that clicking and clacking noise you get when you switch gears on a regular bike? With the Enviolo® continuously variable transmission you will not experience that. It’s smooth, quiet as a whisper, and it just works all the time, every time.

Great for Novice & Experienced Cyclists Alike

If you’re new to biking or haven’t ridden in a long time, the Enviolo® drivetrain eliminates the learning curve of shifting gears correctly. The Manual version is easy to shift, and the Harmony Automatic system eliminates the need to shift entirely, as it offers completely automatic shifting, just like a car. Experienced riders will also enjoy the benefits of seamless shifting, no maintenance, and bulletproof design.