Looking for The Best Electric Mountain Bike?

Some people only want the best, and we can’t blame them. So when it comes to electric bicycles, which is the best out there?

We’d have to say, the best electric mountain bike is the 2016 EVELO Aries. But don’t just take our word for it, let us tell you why this truly is the top e-bike.

What Goes into a Great Mountain Bike

When you’re cruising up and down a tough mountain, you want to know for sure your bike has only the finest components. That’s why every EVELO Aries has an amazing, lightweight but tough aluminum frame, comforting you from the terrain with its dual shock Leonis suspension and Rockshox XC28 front fork. Add in Tonaro TDS-C215 Adjustable stems, Shimano RM410 ALIVIO shifters, all-weather front fenders, and integrated lighting and you truly have a beast that’s ready to carve up any street, hill, or mountain. If it’s power you want, the Aries has that in spades. We think the best electric mountain bike should not only come with 250 watts of power, but be upgradable to a super-charged 500 watts (750w peak.) That means not only will you be able to crush streets at 20 miles per hour, you can activate “off-road only” mode, and hit 25 mph where allowed. For those that like to ride long and hard, the upgraded battery will give you a cool 60 miles of electrically-assisted riding.
“What a dream bike come true!” - Thomas W, Pennsylvania

Lots of Options

Speaking of electrically-assisted riding, part of what makes the EVELO Aries so great is its numerous options. If you’re feeling like a boss, you can do all the pedaling yourself. When you need a little help going over a hill, activate the pedal-assist mode. And if you just want to sit back and crank the throttle, then electric-only is the setting for you! One thing you won’t have to choose is your gearing. Starting in 2016, all Aries come with the class-leading NuVinci N360 drivetrain. Instead of having to pick a gear and change depending on how steep your hill is, the NuVinci essentially offers an endless array of gears. No more worrying about setting both the front and back gears, instead you’ll be in the right gear every time, rocking out with a smooth and silent operation that never requires maintenance.

A Great Price

There are a lot of brands claiming to have a great mountain bike. And to a degree, many of them are pretty good. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Pedego Ridge Rider, a Prodeco Phantom, or an IZIP E3. But what really sets the Aries apart is its price. You might think a powerful electric mountain bike would start at around three or four grand, and it appears our competitors believe that too. But at EVELO, we think the world’s greatest electric mountain bike should only cost $2,499. That’s as little as $209 a month with our famous zero percent financing. That’s right, for a few bucks a day, you could have a brand new mountain ebike, delivered fully assembled, 7 days from now. So see what our happy customers have to say, or order your EVELO Aries today.