Automatic Gear Changes

Focus on your ride, not when to change gears

Enviolo® HarmonyTM Fully Automatic Transmission

Enviolo offers the first fully automatic, continuously variable transmission. All Enviolo CVT’s are powered by NuVinci technology, which makes shifting as easy and seamless as possible.

The Harmony fully automatic transmission ups the ante, providing an experience much like driving a car. Just set the desired cadence (speed you wish to pedal), and the system lets you always pedal at the same pace, whether you’re going up or down a hill, and makes all gearing adjustments for you.

How it Works

What are the Benefits of the Enviolo Harmony Fully Automatic Transmission?

The Enviolo fully automatic transmission has a number of advantages over the traditional gearing systems, and additional features over the standard cable actuated Enviolo CVT.

It's Easy to Use

The Enviolo Harmony fully automatic transmission makes it even easier to ride an EVELO electric bike. There is no need to look for the right gear ratio when the terrain changes. This system will do it for you, automatically. Of course, if you’re looking for some additional tweaking to make the experience just right, a manual mode is available for manual shifting. The Harmony shifting system offers both Automatic and Manual shifting modes.


With a typical electric bike transmission, if the rider doesn’t shift efficiently – or doesn’t shift at all – their battery’s range may shorten. Just as with a car, using an automatic continuously variable transmission on a bike constantly optimizes the motor performance and extends the range by preserving battery power.

It's Reliable

With a fully electronic control system, the Harmony automatic shifting system has no cables that need adjusting or lubrication, and no eternal moving parts whatsoever, This means you will spend more time riding your EVELO, and less time fiddling around with adjustments and maintenance. The entire Enviolo Harmony automatic shifting system is covered under our 4 year 20,000 mile warranty.