Top places to ride your ebike in California

Top places to ride your ebike in California

If you wish to experience California on two wheels, there are plenty of options to give you memorable trips. California has a safe and solid infrastructure to enjoy this pastime, and it is among the most recommended states for cycling. The weather in this Golden State is spectacular, allowing for long rides on warm sunny days. 

Riding your e-Bike in California will allow you to enjoy stunning views from trails with beautiful nature to breathtaking ocean-side routes. You could practice the sport in various local parks in the cities, but why limit yourself when there are other more exciting options. While there are plenty of biking trails around the state with beautiful scenery, finding one where you can freely ride your e-Bike can be tricky. 

The first thing you should acquaint yourself with is the regulations for riding e-Bikes in California. Although e-Bikes are categorized together with conventional bikes in California, you are not allowed to exceed the speed of 28 mph, and the electric motor shouldn't be more than 750W. The electric motor should allow for disengagement upon command, and riders under 18 must wear a helmet. 

If you plan to take your e-Bike for a ride and are unsure whether it is permitted in the state, you are in the right place. There are numerous bike track in California, and this guide helps you choose biking trails from across the state that allows e-biking. 

Rincon Bike Trail

Rincon Bike Trail provides cyclists with an alternative route to Highway 101, and it offers spectacular views of the Santa Barbara Channel. You can head south and ride between the highway and coastline from Ventura to the Carpinteria State Beach Rincon Point or vice versa. The trail is about 10 miles, but you can start at different points and enjoy up to 15 more miles with fabulous views. 

The trail has a fully protected bike path that at some point passes along Highway 101, where you can confidently ride on a wide bike lane. The trail's highlight is at Rincon, where you can view dolphins while you pass by. It would be a great idea to carry some snacks and water as there is no place to buy food along the route. However, you can enjoy a good meal at the beach on either end of the trail. 

American River Trail

The American River Trail is 32 miles long and one of the best in California. It runs along the American River over mostly flat landscapes and takes you past parks, swimming spots, and lakes. The trail begins at Discovery Park in Sacramento's old town to Folsom Lake, and there are several restrooms and water fountains along the route. If you still have some energy left at the end of the trail, then you can ride another 12 miles around Lake Natoma. 

The Pacific Beach Boardwalk Trail

The Pacific Beach Boardwalk Trail can sometimes be pretty crowded, but you can use it to link up with other bike paths in the vicinity conveniently. This trail is a favorite for leisure cyclists, and it links the two oceanfront communities of downtown San Diego. 

It passes through homes and beachfront condos to end at the South Mission Beach parking lot. The speed limit on this trail is 8 miles per hour, and it has fewer crowds towards the end. If you ride further east from Pacific Beach and cross Mission Boulevard, you can join the Mission Bay Bike Trail. 

Los Gatos Creek Trail

Los Gatos Trail is a 10-mile trail that starts at the San Jose Lexington Reservoir to Meridian Avenue. It is one of the best bike trails in California, with various recreational facilities along the way. The trail has a mixture of paved and dirt trails, thus offering an excellent challenge for e-Bikers who wish to test their rides' capabilities. The trail is still in the process of being extended, and it will end at downtown San Jose at the Guadalupe river confluence when complete. 

Marvin Braude Bike Trail

Marvin Braude Bike Trail, aka "The Strand," is California's most passable bike trail. It is among the top paved bike paths ideal for riding your e-Bike on as you savor the spectacular views of the coastline. The trail begins at Torrance Beach off the South Bay area and heads north to Will Rogers State Beach in the Los Angeles Pacific Palisades area. 

It passes through various classic Los Angeles coastal towns like Santa Monica, Manhattan, Venice Beach, and Redondo Beach. This trail offers a great way to casually enjoy e-Bike riding at a moderate pace along a 22-mile long ride along some of the finest California beaches. You can stop and have a sumptuous meal at the ocean-view eateries along the way. 

Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail

The Bizz Johnson Trail is a 25-mile route through a pine forest along the Susan River Canyon. It allows the rider to enjoy the fantastic natural beauty of the scenery, and it includes three tunnels and the historical train depot Susanville. However, this unique cycling route of dirt and gravel does not pose any challenges apart from a few equestrians here and there. Watch out for cross-country skiers and ensure that your e-Bike has good tires. You might want to carry some water and appropriate clothing too. 

Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail

Riding on Monterey Bay Coastal Trail will give you an incredible experience if you love the ocean. It is one of the places in California where you can enjoy the most scenic coastlines. The multi-use trail rides along the old Southern Pacific Railway route through an 18-mile trail that takes you past parks, sandy beaches, fish piers, and marinas. 

The trail passes by the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row, and the Lovar's Point in Pacific Grove. You will get the chance to view some marine wildlife like whales and sea lions along the route. There is also the possibility that you will encounter a mix of skaters, bikers, and pedestrians along the route as it is quite popular. 

Joe Rodota Bike Trail

This 8.5-mile paved trail connects Sebastopol and Santa Rosa. It is an easy trail that runs over flat terrain to take you through wetlands filled with various types of animals. You will find an abandoned railway line with three old trestle bridges along the route. You can start your ride at Prince Memorial Greenway in Santa Rosa and complete your ride at the intersection of Highway 116 and Mill Station Road in Sebastopol. 

Bike The Bridge Route

This route is one of the most popular biking trails in San Francisco. It passes through the pleasant bayside towns of Sausalito and Tiburon, taking you through various spectacular sceneries and charming views of the Bay Area. 

The trail begins at Fisherman's Wharf and passes through Presidio National Park and then through iconic San Francisco landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge. You can also start the trail at Sausalito, then pass through the historic Old Mill Park and complete it at the fishing village of Tiburon. A ferry can take you back, or you can opt to ride your e-Bike back to the starting point. 

West Cliff Drive 

The West Cliff Drive trail in Santa Cruz is a good option if you are a beginner. Although the route is only 3 miles long, it has a lot to offer. It takes you through the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a classic beachfront amusement park in California. You will also pass by the lighthouse at Steamer Lane and enjoy watching surfers battling giant waves. The trail runs along Santa Cruz's scenic coastline, where you might spot migrating whales during spring and sea otters all around the year. 


The list of cycling routes in California is rather long as this state is a biking paradise with many opportunities for riders. There are almost 50k miles of e-Bike friendly trails within California. If you want to ride your e-Bike with ease, California is one of the best places to explore numerous trails without worrying about regulations. The state laws allow you to ride along designated cycling paths except for very few areas as long as you abide by the few simple rules for e-Bike riders. 

 Spring is just around the corner, and if you want to try out these biking trails and haven't found a perfect e-Bike, we are at your service. Contact us today for the best deals on the most efficient e-Bikes. 

Top places to ride your ebike in California