Stay Healthy & Get Back in Shape

Stay Healthy & Get Back in Shape

Looking to get or stay fit? There’s no better way than a bicycle. And with an EVELO, you never have to worry about getting too tired.

Get Fit Fast

We all want to get in shape, to reclaim the healthy figure and lifestyle we once had. And while there are countless techniques promising to make that possible, finding a reputable method and sticking to it can be incredibly tricky.

Fortunately, bicycling is not just great for you, it’s amazingly fun as well. This means that not only will you burn 1100 calories per hour (or more), you’ll be inspired to stick to it, thanks to how much fun you’ll be having – conquering beautiful terrain and finding new ways to get around town.

Safety First

The best part of cycling is that it’s a cardio / aerobic form of exercise. This means it gets your heart-rate way up, burning calories while also boosting your metabolism and helping to keep your heart healthy.

Beyond that, it’s an incredibly low impact activity. Other sports like jogging or soccer require you to constantly bang your legs and knees into the tough ground, and risk collision with an opposing player. With a bicycle, your legs are simply moving in painless, concentric circles.

An Exercise You’ll Love

The problem with many workouts is that while you know it’s good for you, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated and stick to your exercise routine. Let’s be honest, jogging on a treadmill or using free weights just isn’t that fun, and getting yourself to the gym can be a demotivating hassle.

With an EVELO, you’ll find yourself riding without even thinking about how you’re burning calories and building muscle! Your electric bike means you can explore local parks and nature, conveniently get around town, and much more, all from the seat of your stylish and fast ride.

And if you find yourself getting tired, your EVELO is there to help. If you’ve been riding for a while and see a hill that you just don’t feel like dealing with, let the electric bicycle’s pedal-assist mode complement your legwork, and smoothly get you to the top of the ridge. Or if you’re just plain done for the day, kick your EVELO into an all-electric mode, pull on the throttle, and zoom home with no effort at all.

As long as you keep your helmet on, an EVELO is the safest and most fun way you can exercise. So check out our wide selection of EVELO Electric Bicycles.

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Stay Healthy & Get Back in Shape with an EVELO Electric Bike