How to Lock-up Your ebike

How to Lock-up Your ebike

Have you ever thought about the best way to lock up your e-bike? 

As electronic bikes grow more popular, thieves are also increasingly targeting them. So, if you have an e-bike, how do you keep it safe? 

To be sure, much of the advice for securing a traditional bike also applies to e-bikes. However, a few differences necessitate a somewhat different approach to e-bikes. First, let's look at the type of locks you can use.  

D-locks or U-locks

D-locks, also known as U-locks, are widely used since they are among the lightest locks available with a high-security rating (especially compared to chain and padlock style locks).

Smaller u-locks are usually the best choice for e-bikes since they provide the finest balance of security, weight, and practicality. However, a few factors may make smaller u-locks less suitable for e-bikes. Most importantly, e-bikes are typically larger. The wheels are frequently broader and set back from the frame. To accommodate the battery pack, the down tube is usually wider. This means you'll need a lock with a larger locking circumference to wrap around your bike. 

U-locks are also typically less expensive than other types of locks, and many come with a bracket for mounting to your bike frame for easy transport. Their disadvantage is that manhandling them around locking your e-bike can be difficult, especially with the smaller, thicker shackled types.

Chain Lock

The versatility of the chain lock, paired with its high security, is a huge plus. If you frequently need to lock your bike to whatever street furniture is available, a high security rated chain and padlock approach is a great choice. The main disadvantage is that they are among the heaviest and most expensive locks available. Gold-rated chain locks begin with 9mm thick links (anything thinner, and you will look for a silver rating or less).

Brake Disk Locks 

This type attaches to the brake on a motorcycle and stops wheel rotation. The bike will be immobilized and challenging to move in this manner. A brake disc lock is a small, portable, and easy-to-store gadget ideal for keeping your motorcycle secure while on the road. The sole disadvantage of this design is that riders may forget they're wearing something and harm themselves while attempting to maneuver the bike.


Some security locks include built-in alarms that make sounds if they are broken. This type of lock is helpful since it warns the owner of the theft while also scaring the thief away. It is possible to remove it, but it is time-consuming and inconvenient. e-Bike alarm locks are typically small, light, and easy to transport.

Locking your ebike

The thrill of your commute is replaced with the worry of leaving your e-bike unattended once you arrive at your destination, whether it's a café or grocery store—an emotion shared by all cyclists, whether they ride an e-bike or not. Your first decision should be to lock your e-bike, depending on how long you want to leave it. 

For example, when you're at the grocery store, you'll be leaving the e-bike for a longer time. If you're going to leave your e-bike for longer than four hours, check whether the grocery store you're visiting has a secure bike parking facility. This is available in many commercial and residential structures. If not, inquiring about a secure area to lock your e-bike with the building manager can persuade the store to establish one.

Don't rule out secure bike parking if the building you're visiting or working in doesn't have one. The number of safe bike facilities and bike lockers available to the general public who are willing to acquire a membership or pay a small charge is increasing. You can use this to persuade the building manager to go ahead and make a parking facility for e-bikes! 

No luck yet? It's possible that locking your e-bike outside is your only alternative. We have a few tips to help avoid theft in this scenario. 

  • First and foremost, do not leave it unattended outside overnight. 
  • Second, secure it at a well-lit location and visible to the general public, with regular foot traffic. When the location is crowded, it's difficult to break a lock without being seen. 
  • Finally, don't get into a routine. Bicycle thieves may be the filth of the world, but that doesn't mean they aren't astute opportunists. If they witness you leaving your bike in the same area regularly when you're at the coffee shop or grocery, they may notice a trend and devise a well-thought-out attack.

Next, let's take a look at ways you can secure your e-bike.

How To Secure On An RV While Camping And To A Vehicle Bike Rack While Traveling

When camping or traveling, it's always a good idea to remove the front wheel and lock it through the main triangle and to a fixed object or a vehicle. If your lock is long enough, weave it through the main triangle, the back wheel, and the front wheel that has been removed. 

Regardless, the instant a bike is partially assembled, the thief is forced to work harder, which is precisely what you want. Bicycle thieves aren't the most enterprising people in the world. They'll mosey along if you turn the simple into a festering tangle of sweat and cursing.

Use A Variety Of Locks 

Making your electric bicycle difficult to steal is your best line of defense. There's no simpler way to achieve this than to use numerous locks to increase security. As the first line of defense, we recommend employing a U-lock, but you can subsequently use any other sort of lock that suits your needs. The more locks you have in place, the longer it will take the thief to free your e-bike and flee with it, which may deter them from stealing it in the first place.

Lock Through The Frame Of The e-Bike

Whatever lock you choose, you should use it to secure your e-bike to a fixed object through the primary triangle of the frame. The frame is the most crucial portion of an e-bike and should be protected as much as possible. By locking the bike through the primary triangle of the frame, you add a layer of defense and make it more difficult for someone to steal it.

Make The Job Suck 

You're never out of alternatives, even if you don't have a good place to lock your bikes, such as a rack or a lamppost. Make the criminal's job difficult. When there's no decent bike rack or post nearby, one of the best last-minute hacks is to lock my bike to the metal of a few grocery carts. Thieves could still take it, but they will need a group of people to load a couple of grocery carts and the bicycle into the back of a van. It would be a dreadful chore, and that, again, is the problem you're attempting to depict.

Serial Number And Bike Theft Apps 

Each e-bike has a unique serial number. It's essentially your e-identification. If your e-bike is stolen and later recovered, the authorities will want to know this number, so make a note of it. If you happen to see your e-bike on the street, knowing the serial number will help you identify it. You can establish a stolen bike listing if you have a handful of images of your bike. While images of the e-bike model can be found online, photos of your actual bike are always preferable.

There are apps available that allow you to build a profile and submit information and photographs of your e-bike. If your e-bike is stolen, the app will notify the authorities and other people in the neighborhood who have the app. They'll have photos and a description to refer to, and they'll be able to contact you if they come across your bike. You now have a community of cyclists assisting you in finding your trustworthy stead.


If utilizing numerous locks and being clever about how and where you keep your bike still doesn't give you the peace of mind you desire. Then, consider purchasing bicycle insurance. Because your e-bike has a motor, your home insurance is unlikely to cover it for theft, damage, or liability.

While insurance won't protect your e-bike from theft, you won't have to spend a fortune on a replacement if it is taken. A short Google search will reveal a plethora of e-bike insurance alternatives available out there.

To Wrap It Up

To make your e-bike more challenging to steal, 

  • Invest in 2-3 locks
  • Take the time to register your bike's serial number and take a photo with it so that you can quickly identify it if it is stolen.
  • Choose well-lit areas so that any burglar attempting to take your bike will be noticed and ready to face the consequences.

How to Lock-up Your ebike