How many charge cycles will an electric bike battery have?

How many charge cycles will an electric bike battery have?

The batteries used on EVELO electric bikes are rated for 600 charge cycles. Thus, if you average 30 miles per charge, you could ride an EVELO electric bike about 18,000 miles before you would need to replace the battery under good conditions.

Of course, things like time and how a battery is used will also impact the number of successful charge cycles it will enjoy. However, batteries typically do not just fail all at once like that old cordless drill you have in the garage from years ago.

Instead, as your electric bike battery ages, you’ll notice that your electric bike’s range will decrease over time, even as the battery still functions properly. As a rule of thumb, you should expect the battery on your EVELO electric bike to last four or five years.

The batteries used on EVELO Electric Bicycles may be higher quality than the batteries found on some other electric bikes on the market, particularly if you compare a premium EVELO electric bike to an ebike you find on a marketplace or from a discount manufacturer.

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