Have Fun With Your Loved Ones

Have Fun With Your Loved Ones

With an EVELO Electric Bicycle, there’s no limit to the amount of fun you and your family can have.

Your Family Rides Together

If there’s one thing that can bring together loved ones of any age, it’s taking part in an enjoyable shared activity. When you’re out doing something fun together, problems melt away, and loved ones reconnect. Add in some beautiful scenery and the smell of fresh air and people young and old will find themselves with big smiles across their faces. 

That’s part of what makes biking so amazing – it’s not just something for you, but for your entire family. 

Unfortunately, some people just aren’t as comfortable on their bikes as they used to be. Maybe their balance isn’t great, or they just get tired after riding for a bit. That’s where electric bicycles, like EVELO’s, come in. Now you don’t need to worry about getting too tired, or not having the momentum to make that next hill, as your electric bike can do the work for you, zipping along at up to 60 miles per charge.

Couples Stay Connected

We’ve heard this a million times, “I love going on bike rides, but my spouse just can’t keep up with me anymore. How can we keep riding together?”

With an EVELO, any differences in strength and riding comfort are suddenly brushed away, as you are no longer limited by the strength and stamina of your legs. Instead, you can cruise at up to 25 miles per hour, taking in nature and city trails as you ride your new Luna or Orion.

The frustrations and disappointment of having to slow down for your partner, or cutting your trips short, or just plain worrying about your loved one’s health, suddenly disappear. Now, you both can go as far as you want. Remember the adventures you used to have together? Well, now the only limit to your journeys is your imagination!

Kids & Grandkids Too

Riding with your husband or wife is great, but keeping the kiddos in tow can be even greater. Whether it’s your kids or grandkids you want to ride with, an EVELO will let you keep pace with the most energetic of youngsters.

Maybe little Johnny used to zip ahead on the trail, making you worried he might get too far in front of you. Well, now you can show him who’s boss, as you set the pace on your powerful Aries. When you’re the one in front, or riding confidently side by side, you’ll never have to worry about the kids getting out of sight again. Won’t you and the children have even more fun when you can all be biking safely and confidently? 

So take a look at our selection of EVELOs today, or take our handy Fit Quiz to find the perfect ride for you.

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