Oregon State Electric Bike Laws

Oregon State Electric Bike Laws

How does Oregon define what an electric bike is?

The state of Oregon (OR) defines electric bikes as a bicycle that has two or three fully functional pedals equipped with a motor that does not exceed 1000W and is designed with a maximum speed of 20mph.

Do you need a license, insurance or registration in Oregon?

The state of Oregon does not require license or registration.

What are the restrictions on Motor power or throttle in Oregon?

According to the state of Oregon, electric bikes should be equipped with a motor that does not exceed 1000W and is designed for a maximum speed of 20mph.

Are there any age restrictions to riding an electric bike in Oregon?

The age minimum for e-bike riders is 16 years.

What are the laws around helmets in Oregon?

E-bike riders are not required to wear a helmet. 

What are the rules for riding on the road in Oregon?

Electric bicycles are considered a bicycle by the Oregon Vehicle Code and can ride on any roadway, lane or path that is approved for bicycles. 

E-bikes are allowed on bike paths but are not allowed on sidewalks.

What are the rules for riding on the trails in Oregon?

The idea that an e-bike is a bike rather than a motor vehicle doesn’t apply in Oregon State Parks. Oregon Parks trails are governed by Oregon Administrative Rules which define “motorized vehicles” as “any vehicle being powered by an engine or motor which is capable of transporting a person.” There is no exception for e-bikes, which have a motor and can transport a person, so e-bikes are treated like cars and motorcycles in Oregon State Parks, not like bikes. 

The blanket prohibition against e-bikes on state park trails is imposed by OAR 736-010-0025(3) which restricts e-bike use in Oregon parks to roads or other “designated” areas (which do not include trails). 


Laws and policies can change at any time rendering the above information outdated and non-applicable. EVELO strongly encourages checking with City, County, State and other local agencies for the most recent laws governing the proper, legal use of electric bicycles in your area.


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