Top 10 Websites Bicycle Lovers Need to Know

Top 10 Websites Bicycle Lovers Need to Know

We’ll be the first to admit it. At EVELO, we love bicycles of all kinds, both electric and regular, as well as the many amazing activities one can do, and places one can go, on a bike. And chances are, as a reader of this fine blog, you may hold a similar point of view. While we pride ourselves on giving you amazing information about biking, there are a number of other great resources out there as well.

So, if you’re hungry for more great bike reviews, or information about the latest accessories, or perhaps guides and maps for great rides, what other sites should you be checking out? Well, we’re going to make that easy for you, with these ten amazing websites for bike lovers (all handily organized by alphabetical order.)


For those looking to read about anything and everything bicycle related, the aptly named is a resource like none other. While this website is based on the esteemed magazine of the same name and features some of the print publication’s content, the web edition offers so much more.

Are you a beginner looking to learn how to inflate a tire? Well, they’ve got a helpful video for you. Maybe you’re a parent who wants to safely send your kids to school on their bicycles. They’ve got you covered as well. Heck, maybe you’ve just been wondering how it is that Tour de France riders manage to pee during their grueling day-long races. (Here you go!) The fact is, if it has anything even remotely to do with bicycling, will have it covered in spades.

Bike Forums

While a number of bicycling websites may feature a forum, many of those are rather limited, serving simply as a side effort of the site’s main focus. On, you get bike forums and nothing else!

This means that YOU get to take place in the conversation about bicycles, and can get answers from other bike aficionados, worldwide. The breadth and depth of the community are absolutely staggering, as there are sub-forums dedicated to tandem bicycling, fixed gear bikes, winter riding, car free-living, and much more. No matter what your bicycling passion is, you’ll be able to find someone to discuss it with on this site.

Bike Radar

With most of our readers are based in the US or Canada, sometimes we can momentarily lose track of the vibrant bicycling community that exists in all the other amazing countries that make up our globe. So, what about a great cycling website that’s explicitly focused on the world outside of North America?

Bike Radar is exactly that site, specifically tailored to readers and riders in the UK, Australia, and the rest of the globe. So for those of you that ride on the left-hand side of the street, there’s no need to feel left out. Bike Radar has great news, reviews, photos, and everything else you’d expect from an all-encompassing bike site, along with specific updates that might be missed on a site that’s more American focused.

Cycle Chat

While Bike Forums is an amazing resource, the sheer magnitude of it all can be a little overwhelming. Add in that many of the users are SERIOUS cyclists, and it can be a bit intimidating to some novice riders. Fortunately, another forum — Cycle Chat — welcomes newbie riders with open arms.

Whether you’re looking for a riding partner, or curious how to change a flat, this site is just filled with friendly cyclists looking to help a fellow biker out. So for anyone new to bicycles (electric or otherwise), be sure to check out Cycle Chat.

Electric Bike Report

As you might have guessed, we here at EVELO absolutely love electric bicycles. In fact, you might even call us electric bike nerds! So, if you love electric bikes anywhere near as much as we do, you’re sure to love this site – Electric Bike Report.

This site features anything and everything about electric bicycles: reviews, photos, news, guides, and more. So, if you want to see the latest and greatest new bikes coming out (from not just EVELO but from some of our esteemed competitors) or want to learn how the motor in your bike works, or you even want to tune-up your bike for increased performance, this is the site for you.

Electric Bike Review

The name may be similar to the last entry, but don’t be fooled, Electric Bike Review is a wholly different website. While the Report is much more driven by the founder and his smart point of view, you can think of Electric Bike Review as a great shopping site for anyone looking to buy an electric bike.

You can search by make or model, what year you’re looking for, and even price range. Not only is this tremendously helpful for first-time buyers, but it can reveal some pretty unexpected information. For example, did you know that someone makes a crazy looking e-bike that STARTS at $38,500? Woh, we can’t even imagine what sort of options bump the price up to “fully loaded” at about $50k.

Outside Online

While this site isn’t specifically about bicycles, it covers something that matters to many cycling enthusiasts — the great outdoors. Outside Online, like its printed counterpart, offers all sorts of amazing features for those that love to be in nature, be it while biking, hiking, skating, surfing, jogging, or just grokking at an amazing view.

The content varies from building awareness for endangered natural spaces to enthralling life stories to fun gear review, all somehow related to enjoying the outdoor life, and expanding access to that world to more and more people. So if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, be sure to check out Outside Online.

People for Bikes

Whether you’re an electric bicyclist or you ride a “normal” bicycle, we all benefit from sound policies that increase bike lanes & bike trails, and laws that make it easier / safer to bike. If you’re curious about what sort of policies are being implemented in different locales and want to help advocate for better bicycling, you should definitely get to know People for Bikes.

Have you found those bike lanes that are painted bright green safer to ride in? How much do you enjoy finding more bike racks in front of local businesses? What about new bike trails? Well, you can thank People for Bikes for helping push to implement those things. So follow them on their website for all the exciting progress being made on behalf of bikers nationwide.


Ahh, the classic debate: road bike or mountain bike? At EVELO, we love all types of bikes, but we know that some people are diehards for dirt. They want a tough bike that can get them down and dirty, and enjoy the bumps and jumps that can only be found off the streets. While we think our Aries is the right bike for that job, it takes more than just the proper equipment to go mountain biking; you also need a great ride to take your bike on.

That’s where Singletracks comes in. Think of it as the hub for all things mountain bike related. Whether it’s new equipment reviews, or the locations of great rides, or even just photos of fellow mountain bikers out having a blast, this site has it all. So next time you’re hankering to get a little muddy, head to Singletracks.


As much as we love riding around our local neighborhoods, sometimes it can be super fun to pick a destination bike ride. But where is the best place to bike in your region? Or if you’re traveling, where would be a fun place to take your bicycle to? TrailLink easily answers these questions, with its simple to use search and map tool, showcasing great bike rides nationwide.

While the website is maintained by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (think former railroad paths that have been turned into bike “highways”) the website doesn’t limit itself just to their own projects. If it’s a great bike ride, whether through an urban corridor or out in the wilds of nature, it’s sure to be featured on their site. So punch in your zip code and see what’s out there!

What about you? Do you have a favorite cycling-related website we should all know about? Well, don’t keep that all to yourself, let us know in the comments below!

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