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Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited
Aurora Limited

For the uncompromising rider looking for the best.

With the Aurora Limited Edition, you get a unique step-through frame design, the Enviolo CVT transmission with the fully automatic Harmony shifting system, semi integrated frame battery, a powerful 750 Watt motor, Throttle, Torque Sensor, and the Gates Carbon Drive Belt system. It has it all. This is a great choice for both seasoned riders, and new cycling enthusiasts alike. The Aurora Limited offers a comfortable saddle, swept back cruiser style handlebars, plush oversized tires, an upright riding position, and the best of the best components available today.


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Aurora Limited Features

Easy to get on & off for both men and women.

Removing the top tube from a high power electric bicycle is no easy task, but EVELO engineers have designed the Aurora to offer the lowest point of entry possible, making it easy to get on and off the bike for both men and women. Looking to load up for your next adventure? The step through frame also benefits touring cyclists, making it easy to get on and off your bicycle with a full load of gear on the rear rack. This is the future of eBikes.

Don't worry about changing gears - the bike does that for you

Enviolo Continuously Variable Transmissions are powered by NuVinci technology, and offer the absolute smoothest shifting experience possible, with no moving external parts. The Aurora Limited also features the Harmony system, which is an electronic shifting element for the CVT - which means the bike does all of the shifting for you. This package is maintenance free, offers both manual and automatic shifting, is easy to operate, and is hands down the cutting edge in bicycle shifting technology.

Short charge times and up to 60 miles range

Go the extra mile with EVELO’s top-tier Li-ion cell technology. Our large semi-integrated frame battery offers extended range, and is easily removed for charging on or off your bicycle. With short charge times and up to 60 miles of range for your average rider, you can ride and explore more, and spend less time worrying about when to head back home.


Easy Assembly

It arrives almost fully assembled (95%), so you can be riding in no time!



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Product Specifications



Recommended Rider Heights

5'2" - 6'2"

Seat to Ground (Lowest / Highest)

32" / 42"

Distance from the top of the saddle to the pedal, with the pedal in the most downward position.

Standover height is the distance from the ground to the middle of the top tube with the traditional diamond frame, and from the ground to the mid-length of the middle of the tube with the step-through frame design.

We define reach as a distance from the middle of the saddle to the handlebar grips. The reach measures how far you need to lean to "reach" the handlebar.

Bike Components


Powerful Dapu 750W (1,000W peak) Mid-Drive Motor w/ 105N.m. Torque.


48V 14.5Ah Battery with Advanced Battery Management Software


48V Smart Charger

Maximum Motor-Assisted Speed

20 Miles per Hour (Can be Increased to 25 mph Maximum in Off-road Mode)


Up to 45 Miles on Pedal-Assist or 25 Miles on Electric-Only

Electric Assist

Multiple Levels, Plus Electric-Only (via Throttle)


6061 High-Strength Aluminum Alloy


Suntour XCM32 Boost Technology 15mm Thru Axle, with fender eyelets


36H 45mm wide Double Wall Alloy Rims with 13g Spokes


Puncture Resistant Innova 26" x 2.8″


Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm Front 160mm Rear Rotors and Cutoff Switch


Velo Breeze Comfort Saddle with Memory Foam


EVELO Stargazer, 110mm


Enviolo® Continuously Variable Transmission


Enviolo® Harmony Electronic Manual & Automatic Grip Shifter


Wellgo Comfort Pedals


Fully Integrated Spanninga Kendo Front, Lineo Rear


EVELO C800 IPS Multi-Color 3.7″ Display


Front and rear fenders

Rear Rack

Integrated Cargo Rack, 45 lb. Weight Capacity

Bicycle Weight (without battery)

63 Lbs.

Battery Weight

8 lbs

Maximum Rider Weight

Recommended for riders up to 350 lbs. Larger riders can be accommodated – contact us for details.

Rider Position


An upright riding position puts the rider in a nearly vertical seating position for the most comfortable ride possible. You will experience little weight on hands and wrists, with the handlebars within easy reach. No stress or strain on the lower back, hands, or wrists.

What The Experts Say

"Better than an $8k German eBike"


Aurora Limited

"Futuristic look and ride feel"

- Electric Bike Report

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
So far, so good!

So, after sitting through the 2020 dumpster fire, I finally splurged and ordered the Aurora LTD. After over 40 hours of research, I pulled the trigger.
With all the tech features, even at double the price of my 2nd choice, I'm not at all sorry for spending the extra $. With a little over a month and a couple hundred miles I can report:
1. bike is SOLID and a little heavy
2. Range isn't there yet, but it gets better with each charge cycle. about 35 miles/charge at PAS 2 at first but up to 45 miles plus
3. the frame is FULL SIZE and definitely a stretch for a 5'5" male...but it works!
4. Would like a taller gear ratio at the top end. Cadence is a bit fast at 15-18 mph on the flat in high "gear".
5. Just took delivery of a GALAXY 500 for my wife. Definitely size friendly but just as solid and 20% lighter.
6. Service and sales response is 5 star.
Go ahead, you won't regret it!

2020 Aurora Limited Edition - Really Nice Bike

I got a good deal and received my bike October 13. I had no experience with ebikes so I didn't know what to expect aside from watching reviews online. Hills and headwinds had made biking somewhat unattractive, especially the big hill to get down to a really nice riverside trail nearby. My little sister had learned about ebikes and did a ton of research with the conclusion that Evelo was the right one. I suppose I could try to tell you all that I like about the bike but the strongest proof is this: in 2.5 months I've put 625 miles on it! Winter is here; I layer up (including ski goggles) and go out and ride! .... 32 degrees today and I had a very enjoyable 24 mile ride. You can buy lesser priced bikes but do they have all the features, a 4 Year Warranty and exceptional Support? My bike is heavy but it leads me to believe it's going to hold up and riding it is just pure fun! The hills and headwinds?.... no worries! The riverside trail I get to ride now?... it's awesome!
I'll try to remember to update as time goes forward.

Aurora Limited

Update to review 11/20/22 since I didn't have a picture. This is my Aurora Limited. I am 5'2" and this bike fits me very well so you more petite people have a point of reference.

Updated review

Since April, I have turned over a 1,000 miles on my Aurora Limited. I wrote a review shortly after my purchase and just as thrilled then as I am now. I have been having the most fun ever riding a bike. I feel like a big kid again! It had been years since I rode a bike and at first I was very cautious (not a bad thing) and getting to know my bike was such fun as I learned the bikes capabilities every time I rode. My skills and mental agility are far greater than I ever thought! As an older girl, I have learned that riding and having fun while developing skills sharpens the mind and keeps one engaged! I usually ride between 10-20 miles at a time on trails and some very steep 16-18% hills in level 3 assist and I get a seriously great cardio workout. On mostly flat trails I stay in one or two gear just because without any assist the bike is a bit heavy. I also have seldom used auto mode because I prefer to control under my own power. I bought my Aurora for exercise but realized that I have gained so much more than physical health but a new awareness of skills and balance and I am happy so much fun! Yes, I can ride without hands for the first time in my 69 years! What a fun ego boost! Since it is very hot here in S.W. Utah my riding slowed down a bit during the summer and swimming was my jam. Two weeks ago I was about to cross my 1,000 mile mark when I took my eyes off of the trail for just a couple of seconds and took quite a spill off of the embankment! I was at mile 999! Two boulders kept me and my sweet bike from going down the embankment. I lugged the bike back up on the trail and looking back now I have to smile because I was more concerned about my bike and any damage than I was to my own well being! The bike sustained a few scratches and I got some serious road rash and pretty bloodied up but it was almost like a right of passage and I was thrilled that I was so lucky. It was also a BIG lesson to keep eyes on the road at all times. Better to stop and look at what you are curious about than taking eyes off of the trail. Also, I was alone in a closed national park so please don't ride alone in remote places. If you crash or fall, get back on and ride. I went ten miles the next day despite my bandages and injury. I will not allow myself to put fear over fun!
Another nugget of an idea is that I bought a motorcycle carrier to attach to my car hitch that I installed on my car. Since the bike is heavy and I cannot lift it onto a conventional bike carrier this, along with the ramp it came with is the perfect solution, along with a couple of strap downs. Bottom line is I love my bike and the fun that it has given me. Oh, I also love the bigger tires which are great in dirt and softer surfaces. I got the safety kit when I ordered my bike and it is awesome too. The bell is loud and grabs peoples attention. I also use a bigger strobe light for the front along with the one I got in my kit since I also ride roads and want to be very visible. A mirror is also essential to safety so when and if you buy, have that safety kit included. I will probably update after I get what I hope will be 2,000 miles in the following 12 months.
If you are hesitating and not sure on the brand you want, look no further. In my first review I had included that I researched for a year and hands down, Evelo was the best choice and value for quality and components and customer service. The Aurora was in exchange for the first Evelo I bought just prior. The folks at Evelo reached out and we discussed what more I wanted out of the bike compared to my first one. They were spot on in their suggestion because I wanted more of a beast with more bells and whistles in the technology. They delivered for sure and their customer service is wonderful. If you have any questions, they have the answers and willingness in going through the steps to deliver the best possible choice for your individual needs. Happy biking and keep it fun but safe!

So far so good.

This is the second ebike I have owned. The first was a BPM and I had nothing but trouble with it. Decided to go with Evelo and so far I am much happier with the design, performance, customer service and quality of the bike. This bike handles very well. It turns and handles much better than the BPM. I also love the swept back handle bars for long rides. The seat is very comfortable. I really love the switching of gears and the belt drive, smooth and quite. The chain guard to keep your pants out of the belt is another great feature.
The negatives are minor. The reaction time of the motor to when you pedal has a slight delay. The other issue is if I go no hands the bike starts to shake and gets worse as I go to the point I have to grab the handle bars. These are just minor things and the Aurora Limited is a really nice ebike.


Is the Aurora Limited a good choice for me?

The Aurora Limited is a feature packed bicycle, with an easy access step-through, and comfortable riding position. This bike is perfect for primarily road riding, some trail riding, and can tackle even the steepest hills and toughest climbs across the country. The mid drive motor system uses a torque sensor, which offers a smooth and natural feeling, but does require minimal pedal pressure to get going.

Does the Aurora Limited have enough power for my terrain?

Mid Drive eBikes are the top of the line as far as power is concerned, and a 750 Watt Mid Drive bike will produce more power and torque than a 750 Watt Hub Motor bicycle. The Aurora Limited can handle larger riders with ease, and can comfortably climb 10% grade with no pedaling whatsoever. The powerful Mid Drive motor, combined with the Enviolo Harmony Automatic shifting system operates at the highest efficiency possible, offering the most power, and range in its class.

Will I fit properly on the Aurora Limited?

The Aurora Limited can be adjusted to suit Medium and Larger sized riders.. Take a closer look at our sizing chart and specifications on the product page. A great way to compare this to your existing bike is to measure your current saddle height straight down to the ground - this gives you a real number to compare to the specs on our website. If this measurement is over 32” - you’ll fit well on the Aurora Limited.

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