Bill and the Aurora Limited

Bill and the Aurora Limited

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, My name is Bill, I'm retired and I'm working towards that golden age of 80. I spend most of our summers, the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, where I do most of the writing and spend winters in western Massachusetts where there's lots of bike trails if there's no snow on them.

Which EVELO bike did you choose and why?

We chose the Aurora Limited. We have a friends who had bought one a year before and we really fell in love with it. After trying it we were sold on it and we're really glad we made that choice.

When you bought your EVELO, how did you hope it would make life better?

Where we are in Vermont, there's lots of hills. And, riding bike was not as much fun at this age.

So having the assist of the electric bikes certainly made biking much more of a fun pastime again. So I would say it is probably that little assist that you get it at this age and with the hills that really make it appealing.

If you had to narrow it down, what was the #1 reason you decided to buy your bike?

I guess the number one reason that we did it as it gave us a chance to bought the EVELO is that it gave us a chance to get back into biking again with the hills around and so on. It gave us that assist that we needed to make that a fun exercise again.